Bastion’s Christmas Party: Day 8

The Dork

Kroco’s dorky, klutzy brother Byron has arrived to the party! He dons a very basic festive shirt along with many mistakes and tripping over. He brings homeade chicken wings, barbeque, buffalo, and sweet onion sauces are drizzled all over these juicy peices of poultry.

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How about a pink crocodile? :D

This is Steve!

They’re a big friendly reptilian and a math tutor! When they aren’t helping kiddos learn basic arithmetic, they like to collect lunch boxes. Steve also overindulges in sweets like ice cream, and has really sensitive teeth as a result of it.

I’ve been feeling out of sorts this week so I thought I should do a quick Body/Mind/Spirit spread with The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck. 

Body-Crocodile: Resting, Submerging. It’s time to step down and wait. I’ve been realizing how much I need to listen to others recently. It’s my turn to observe and learn. This also explains my reaction to lash out, since I’ve been fighting against progress. 

Mind-Crow: Creative, Watchful. It has become clear that I need to work towards my tarot related goals. I am mentally ready to move forward towards creating new spreads and working with new people. I need to embody more self confidence when it comes to carrying out my plans. 

Spirit- Stingray: Developing Confidence. Look at that! Again, I have it in me to achieve creatively. I need to believe more in my abilities. I’ve always struggled, but anyone can see that I’m passionate. It’s not time to quit!

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I somehow find myself imagining Ace with a Texas accent. Or maybe Australian! Maybe he's one of those crocodile hunters? Or maybe one of those casino pimps? MAYBE HE'S ALL OF THOSE -AND A DOUCHE!- I also feel like he likes to make bad jokes.

Sadly he is not any of those n its sad bc i love those ideas bUT YES I FEEL YA ON THE BAD JOKES PL Z id love that holy shit

Beneath the skin. Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Mr. Gold collapses at the top of the stairs. 

Chapter 22. First chapter

Synopsis: Mr. Gold is feared by the population of the small town of Storybrooke north of Milton in queen Victoria’s England. Known as the Crocodile for his cold blooded nature and his cruel actions, Mr. Gold knows the true horror he can become if something set a fire in his blood. However no one has been able to do so, but then he runs into a young woman who owns a bookstore and something he thought long buried starts clawing its way to the surface.

“Mr. Gold! Tea is ready!”

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Belle’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“Be down in a minute, Miss French!” he responded, knowing that she would bring the tea to the library, it was her favorite room in his entire mansion, spending as much time there as possible. It was completely hers now, but… he had never been fonder of the room. It was special now because it was hers.

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When you get this, respond with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people in your activity!!

1. Sleeping in! I realize this is uber cliche but I love nothing more than waking up on my own time.

2. Taking to people who are passionate about the same things I am. The way their eyes light up when you share theories and realize that you can really let looks with how excited you are!

3. Bones. (Haha it’s an undertale blog) but no I actually collect bones and they fascinate me! I hope to one day add a crocodile skull to my collection.

4. Writing! Or more specifically, I love writing, but what I love more is seeing people interact with my writing. It makes me feel loved and appreciated!

5. Drawing!! I love to draw so much. Especially my characters and my friends characters and fan art!

Thank you for tagging me @eriecanary

And on my activity list, I tag - @manilove223, @otteration201, @the-fox333, @vitaetaleau, @smallameangel only doing 5 because I don’t want to spam!

And for the anon who also sent me one - 1. mangos! especially in bubble tea, 2. Hayao Miazaki films!, 3. Reptiles, 4. Undertale (duh!) and 5. Going to conventions!


Do you guys remember this game #loop #smackcam #crocodile

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An Egyptian crocodile mummy was on display at a Dutch museum for nearly 200 years before anyone realized it was accompanied by dozens of babies. The 2,500-year-old, 10-ft-long croc recently underwent a 3D CT scan that revealed at least 47 individually-wrapped babies, which were likely mummified as an offering to the crocodile god Sobek. Source Source 2

The baby reptiles can be seen in blue.