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How much hair gel do you go through in a month? I'd imagine you use alot because your hair almost always slicked back. Wait.... Is that where the shortage of water is coming from in Alabasta? Production for all your hair gel!

I use a custom formulated pomade.

I experimented with different products when I was younger, but I switched to a custom-branded line around the time I got into private label cigars. By then I’d been getting most of my clothes bespoke, so it made sense.

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did you hear about the new reconstruction of a daspletosaurus horneri skull? im pretty iffy about it, but im not an expert, so id like your input on what they found

Yeah I’m meh about it. I want further studies. 

I’m also not looking forward to the inevitable conclusions drawn by certain groups of people. 

Basically the paper: 

- Daspletosaurus had scales on the snout like crocodiles 
- Daspletosaurus show signs of anagenesis
- Daspletosaurus didn’t have lips

A) crocodiles don’t have “scales” on the snout, they have cracked skin, fun fact 

B) This does not mean that the rest of the body didn’t have feathers, and in fact, body feathers are still parsimonious with the phylogenetic bracketing

What awesomebros will conclude: YEAAAAH REXES DIDNT HAVE FEATHERS TAKE THAT 

which is. not going to be fun. 

What BANDits will conclude: Tyrannosaurs had these features very similar to crocodilians! they’re supposedly closely related to the birds! birds aren’t dinosaurs! 

Which, no. That does not mean that at all. It just means that Tyrannosaurs probably convergently evolved a similar sensory detection system to crocodilians. (Or it was retained from crocodilians, but that would require more studies of both Crocodile-line and Bird-line archosaurs to prove). 

Also, Tyrannosaurs not having lips (which I’m still skeptical about) doesn’t mean that other theropods didn’t have lips, but watch as people start to conclude that too. 

So yeah. It’s an interesting paper, and the anagenesis bit is fascinating, as well as the new phylogenetic conclusions about tyrannosaurids, but it’s definitely going to need further studies. 

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Emilie will be there on Saturday with Colin ^^ They should have those two do a panel together :)

That would be fun! Although I am holding out for a Captain Crocodile panel. You guys don’t even understand how much I would die if Bobby signed on for this con and I will hold out hope until the last possible moment.

Wow, lots of replies about crocodile student! He has lots of interesting ideas he likes to share with other students across the hallway from my office. Last week it was the war in the Middle Ages that lasted a hundred years and killed “millions of people” all because “someone called the queen ugly.” Also he apparently has “enough connections” that he “could get the mayor fired.”I don’t even.

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I’m all out of jokes about weird dream sequences, which is probably a good thing.

And there’s the dream musicians again.

Who is this person supposed to be?

The moon looks very cool here.

I’m not good at analyzing symbolism like this, but I think that the town is supposed to be on top of a train because it’s moving due to the changing times or something?

And this time the dream ended with Mae being eaten by a crocodile.

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STTTG Question spam sry but: Who spends the longest at the mirror? Who has the deepest hatred of crocs, the shoes? Who has the deepest fear of crocs, the animals? Who would probably let an anaconda around their neck and who wouldn't agree to be in the same building as it? Who has the most bad dreams? Who watches the most crappy reality TV? Who's the most artsy? Who lives in front of the heater and who would prefer living in a freezer? Who messes with the others (little pranks, etc) most?

Longest at the mirror? Daveed or the reader
Hatred of crocs? All of them
Deepest fear of Crocodiles? Oak, and he knows everything about them. 
Let an Anaconda around their neck? Daveed
Not be in the same building as the Anaconda? The reader
Bad dreams? The reader, the boys comfort her and help her get back to sleep.
Crappy reality tv? They all watch it together on lazy days to mock it
Artsy? Daveed and Oak are both artsy in their own way
Daveed likes the heat, reader prefers the cold. Oak doesn’t mind either way
Daveed likes to mess with the others