crocodile costume


Finished this dragon tail commission last night. It’s got brown anodized aluminum on top with a yellow/gold anodized aluminum underbelly. The commissioner wanted it based on an alligator character, so I could call it a gator tail, but I still think of these as dragon tails.

I added some backwards-turned scales into the pattern to mimic the double row of bumpy armored scales that gators have down their spine. I think it turned out pretty well. It’s a subtle effect from certain angles, but when the light catches it from other directions the inverted scales catch the light really well. 

31 inches long, so slightly shorter than my standard pattern. It weighs in at 2 pounds 10 ounces.

I’m currently not taking more commissions for these until I get through my queue of outstanding orders, but you can still check out my page of information about them if you’d like.

((MOD NOTE: HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE. This month, I’ll sometimes have Crocodile in a different costume for each ask. Feel free to suggest costumes in his inbox. <3

Another reason to celebrate: this blog is almost back to its original follower count (aka before the blog move)! So thanks for your support! 

You may have noticed that my updates have been less regular. I’ve just started a research job in addition to my contracted writing job and I just moved to a new city. I’ve been *crazy* tired this week, but hopefully I’ll get into the groove of things soon. The RP blog has been really slow, bc most of the time I’m too tired to make anything creative and I wanna do my partners the justice of a quality reply.

Okay, I’m rambling now, so anyway happy October!))

Netflix & Chill

Summary: When her best friend ask Katniss to come to his dorm to watch a movie, she’s simply happy to spend a night chilling. But when her roommate insinuates he means something completely different, she begins to worry. And, perhaps, hope for something more.

Prompt: Other worlds - Contemporary

Rated M for explicit language.

This is unbetad and English is not my first language, so forgive me for any mistakes. Enjoy!

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The mask making process. This may be my best Procession of the Species costume yet (by best I mean ‘most likely to make children cry’). Now I just need to decide on clothes to go with it. 

Materials: cardboard, egg cartons, bubble wrap, spray paint

(It’s supposed to be an alligator, but if people decide I’m a dinosaur that’s okay too)