crocodile bridge

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Favorite fanfic made by you?

….I don’t have FAVORITES, per say, but I do have a particular few that I have a special affection for. Regardless of being finished or WIP

First Bloom: A Naruto fanfic that I started at the supposed ending of the series because everything annoyed me about it aside from the fact that one thought crossed my mind at some of the intervals, “I wonder what I can do with the flaws…”

Kurtty D: Actual full-length fics involving a relationship of a sort between AOA Nightcrawler and Earth-616 Shadowcat, because FUCK whoever thought it was a good idea that they shouldn’t have interacted more.

A Little Less Blood: I hate the fact that Harley Quinn doesn’t really get much in the way of a happy ending, like, ever; in any series. So, whatever, more to play with. And look, I did something with The Creeper.

Steet of Crocodiles + Where a Bridge Hasn’t Burned: I LOVE Mekt Ranzz. Baby boy is a walking disaster who I (and someone else who KNOWS who they are) find to be the perfect chew-toy to test darker headcanons on.


Walking on crocodile bridge out here in Costa Rica (at Costa Rica)

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