• Left picture: Crocodile blown up to the sky
  • Right picture: Mingo pummeled to the ground

Alabasta and Dressrosa as opposites

  • Crocodile worked “underground” hiding his actions from people. Luffy punched him into the sky where everyone could see him.
  • Doflamingo thought of himself above everyone and sat atop a throne where everyone could see him, Luffy punched him down to everyone else’s level.
  • Alabasta was the crew fighting secretly to save a country from being overthrown.
  • Dressrosa was the crew uniting an entire nation, countless pirates, gladiators, bounty hunters and the marines to overthrow a country. 
  • Baroque works was a secret organization of individuals who didn’t even know their boss and really had no connection.
  • Doffy’s group was a tight nit family that lived decades of hardship together.
  • Alabasta was covered up.
  • In Dressrosa Fujitora is letting the fuckup be exposed on purpose.

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