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could you do a scenario were the s/o of smoker,crococile, kid and iceburg get's pulled away from their side in a fight by luffy becous luffy tought that the s/o was taken hostage by them?

Smoker: He made sure that his partner was behind him at all times but when he noticed the very familiar arm stretch over and wrap around his partner’s waist. He tried to grasp their wrist but they were pulled away from him too quick. The cigar in his mouth was crushed between his teeth before it fell out and landed on the ground. He could see the fear come across his partner’s face and he gripped the base of his jitte. His partner, on the other hand, was face to face with the straw hat captain who was looking at them with a confused expression.

“You alright? From where did Smokey take you from?” They quickly shook their head and tried to back away from the man.

“N-No! He didn’t take me from anywhere!” A light tint filled their cheeks as they stuttered out, “H-He’s my boyfriend!” Luffy blinked.

“Smokey’s got a-?” He wasn’t able to finish as Smoker had launched himself towards him and was able to land the seastone part of his jitte to Luffy’s abdomen, sending him flying back. Relief washed over his partner and they rushed over to Smoker, hugging him around his middle. He tried to look annoyed but he couldn’t help the way his body relaxed at having his partner with him again.

“Damn straw hat….” He would get this over quickly as to get his partner in a safe place but for now, he’d have to put his faith in Tashigi to take care of his partner until this was all over.

Sir Crocodile: He had lowered his guard for one minute but that was enough time for the rubber man to jump in and grab his partner from around their waist and jump off in a respectable distance away from him. He felt the blood in his veins go cold as he could hear the terrified squeak leave their lips. They tried to explain to the pirate captain but he wouldn’t listen.

“You gotta get away! This guy will kill you!” He just didn’t understand why they weren’t running away.

“Y-You misunderstand! He’s not-” They squeaked as Luffy jumped back and Crocodile appeared in front of them in a burst of sand. He looked at his partner and his eyes scanned their body.

“Did he hurt you?” They shook their head quickly.

“No! I’m fine.” He glanced back at the rubber man who was ready to attack him. 

 “Now, (Y/N). I’m going to have you leave here.” His partner shook their head.

“But what about-”

“Go find one of the agents and tell them that if I find a scratch on you, then they’ll pay. Now go on.” His partner gulped slightly and nodded before getting on the tips of their toes to press a quick kiss to his cheek, which he helped them out by bending down while still keeping his eyes on the rubber man. 

“Please be safe,” was the last thing he heard before they scampered off to safety.

Eustass Kid: He growled under his breath as Luffy snatched his partner away from his side before he could react. He only turned angrier at seeing the fear in his partner’s eyes. The Straw Hat captain was seriously getting on his nerves.

“Damn you, Mugiwara! Give them back! Don’t get them involved!” He gritted his teeth once he noticed how desperate he sounded. He couldn’t help but feel worry for his partner. He was the one who was suppose to protect them. Luffy blinked at the captain and at the person squirming in his grip.

“Eh?” The person wiggled out of his grip and ran towards Kid. Before it processed in his head, he had to jump away from an impending attack. Kid’s partner ran straight to him and hugged him tightly around his torso. Kid glared at the other captain while physically relaxing at the fact that his partner was back and close to him. He could feel their figure shaking slightly and he gritted his teeth again.

“Hey, idiot. Quit shaking. You’re fine now, right?” They nodded and he softly pulled them behind him, still glaring at the captain who was in a fighting stance. “Good. Now stay behind me this time.” He almost growled out but he felt some comfort in the way that they gripped onto the back of his jacket. 

Iceburg: He was pacing in his office, getting updates throughout the day. He would have never thought that his partner would be in such trouble, especially with that bothersome captain and his crew. He smoothed over his hair once again and sighed softly, his nerves on edge from wondering where they were. He leaned back against the desk and looked out the window, hoping to see his partner. He heard fast footsteps and checked the door as it swung open. The man that stood there gave him a curt nod and Iceburg’s eyes widened. He ran past the man and headed to the entrance door. He saw his partner and relief flooded through his body. His partner saw him and gave him a big grin.

“Iceburg!” They sprinted to him and hugged him tightly. He returned the embrace and held them tightly to his chest, taking a deep breath of their scent.

“You’re alright… He didn’t hurt you.” They nodded and nuzzled into him.

“I’m fine… He let me come back when his navigator told him who I was to you.” He nodded slightly and let out another breath. “Sorry for worrying you…” He shook his head and held you tighter, calming you down. He pressed a light kiss to the top of their head. 

 “Let’s go inside. I need to rest.” They looked up at him, confusion swimming in their eyes.

“You didn’t sleep?” He shook his head and lead them back inside so that they could take a nap together. They couldn’t help but notice how much tighter he held their hand.