Personally, i don’t ship Croc romantically with anyone and i headcanon him as asexual. but my favorite (platonic) Croc ships are Croc/Luffy and Croc/Daz.

Croc, prior to the series, had already given up on his dreams to become Pirate King and even mocks Luffy for having that dream. He, at that point, believe that the only true power in the world was military might and he believed trust was worthless.

after Luffy beat him, Croc lost all motivation to do anything. He could’ve escaped jail when Baroque Works came to bust him out. but he had no motivation. he had nothing to do, no plans, and just decided to hell with it, he’d go to Impel Down because why not. there’s nothing better to do.

Daz follows him. Croc mocked trust, and yet here is Daz, following him literally into hell. Daz didn’t have to stay with Croc, but he wanted to and he chose to, and later on, Croc actually rewards this trust by letting Daz out of his cell. 

and Luffy. because of Luffy, Croc found motivation again, tho it was indirect. he heard Luffy was going to where Whitebeard was, and Croc found something to do with his life again. But when they got to Marineford, Crocodile found out that he was old, sick, and no longer the powerhouse he was years ago. he’s just a dying old man now. this isn’t the man that defeated Crocodile.

what does Croc do for the rest of the arc? He protected Ace. he ordered Daz to protect Luffy from Mihawk, and when Daz failed, Crocodile stepped in to protect them both himself. and when Luffy&Jimbei were about to get killed by Akainu, Crocodile stepped in and attacked a fucking Admiral AND created a sandstorm to get Luffy and Jimbei away safely. And then he stood right next to the Whitebeard Pirates, a group of people he was trying to attack not that long ago, to keep Akainu from getting close to Luffy.

Crocodile didn’t have to do that. he really didn’t. he didn’t have to protect Daz either. but i think because of Daz’s unwavering trust and loyalty, and the fact that Luffy defeated him before and showed Crocodile just how strong and stubborn he was, they earned Crocodile’s respect. Croc might even care for them on some level. I think Croc actually views Luffy as his new ‘Whitebeard’–he doesn’t want to get revenge on Luffy or anything, but Luffy proved himself to Croc and WB just died. Losing another worthy opponent/rival, especially one with so much potential as Luffy, would probably send Croc into.. not a depression but some kind of lack of motivation, like before. 

Crocodile is excited to see what the Straw Hats will do, what Luffy will do, and is actually motivated to act upon his dreams again. Daz even indirectly asks Croc if he’s ready to go on this adventure (which shows he cares about Croc’s wellbeing and doesn’t even hesitate to  agree to go with him.

Basically, Daz and Luffy are great for Crocodile, emotionally and mentally. Crocodile gave up on his dreams and now he’s ready to try again, and Daz is the kind of person who won’t ever abuse Crocodile’s friendship which is something Crocodile really needs, given his issues with trust early on

ALSO i just want to see cute moments between these three because Luffy is super goofy and Croc is so not-goofy and seeing those two together is hilarious and Daz is adorable (he wants to be a superhero wtf that’s adorable) and i’d love to see Croc stuck on the Sunny with the Straw Hats and having to endure their silliness and i love seeing grumpy characters stuck with little balls of sunshine

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croccy and luffy (platonic of course)

collects rocks: definitely Luffy. he’d probably say something like “LOOK THESE ARE LIKE YOU” and Croc would be like “THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROCKS AND SAND”

takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep: Luffy takes unflattering pics of Crocodile, or at least, he has tried to. so far Crocodile has looked nothing less then perfect in most of them. including when he’s asleep. Luffy now has a life long mission to catch Crocodile off guard. Crocodile took one pic of Luffy when he was alseep and he has told no one about it. imply he did it and he might kill you.

gets drunk and breaks shit: definitely Croc. he is also one of those mopey drunks who’d push stuff off counters just because. but he’d also like.. destroy a whole town in a drunken fury if he was angry enough. Luffy is just dorky and accidentally knocks stuff over

can’t swim: both lol. even if Croc did know how to swim idk how he’d even do it with that  giant freakin gold hook attached to his arm

remembers to feed the fish: …. Crocodile. he had bananagators for pets so he’s used to caring for pets. tho he’d prefer bananagators to fish. Luffy would forget or overfeed them.

puts up Christmas decorations in November: Luffy. Crocodile gets very annoyed.

sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting: LUFFY AGAIN. Crocodile likes to think that he’d be able to keep a straight face because he’s too sophisticated to be affected by Luffy’s dumb SnapChats but Luffy almost always manages to get a reaction out of him. most of the time it’s unintentional. think water Luffy. Crocodile once broke his phone during a meeting because of this.

makes Sims just to drown them in the pool: CROCODILE. tho he’d never admit it. all his Sims also look like Doflamingo. all of them. he and Law should form a club.

brings the other coffee at work: Luffy would try and probably fail. Crocodile sort of appreciates the attempt made. tho he hides it.

takes gym locker room selfies: Luffy. Luffy likes showing off how strong he’s gotten and likes taking pics of his arm muscles or making silly poses. Crocodile is like.. he’s not the type to go to the gym in the first place and he already knows he looks awesome. dude puts a lot of effort into his appearance

signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class: Luffy. he drags Croc along somehow.

forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table: Luffy. Crocodile had a lot of important info on it and gets super mad. it doesn’t last for ong

platonic croclu bless you bless everyone i love my platonic ships thank youuu