the homestuck kids as music genres

John: trance
Rose: witch house
(Grimdark!Rose: artcore)
Dave: vaporwave
Jade: happy hardcore
(Grimbark!Jade: industrial hardcore)

Jane: future bass
(Crockercorp!Jane: speedcore)
Roxy: pc music
Dirk: outrun/synthwave
(Hal: glitch hop)
Jake: eurobeat


Davepeta: but thats none of my business

I’m Jane! 

Roxy is @ahebkoevhalev

Davepeta is @notebooknebula

if you go to my instagram @ ace.ugo you can find these Dirk and Jake cosplayers and more and follow the heck out of them! They were super awesome and I don’t have their handles on me right now. 



YEAAHHHHHHHH so im back with more Quality Homestuck, i’m gonna do some of my infinite requests when i feel like it but yeah don’t expect anything sorry? life still sucks, but we’re dealing with it. 

[edit: NOT spoon, spork. I got confused since she has a mug w a spoon on it]

You know what? I’m really loving EVERYTHING happening with Jane in our post-credits like….

She had so much shit turned against her that honestly could’ve been ruined forever for her. The Crocker company, the color red, all that stuff…

but instead of being put off by it, or thinking about her negative experiences with it, she’s taking it back.

She’s stepping up and OWNING it.

‘Oh so the Condesce made Crockercorp a way to brutally take over the world? No worries, I’ll rebuild it with the aim of helping everyone in the world and kingdoms.’

‘When I was being mind-controlled and forced to do terrible things to my friends, I was wearing red? Well the obvious solution to this is to wear red as I choose to do everything in my power to help everyone now.’

Like…. She’s taking control of her life in the best Janey way she could, and I love it.

(also turning the logo back into a spoon spork bc hello spoons spork are great)