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Okay post game headcanon time to fix forgotten trolls + Jane. A few years after Jane sets up her Monopoly the dead trolls are revived, Jane sees potential in Nepeta's artistic abilities combined with Equius's engineering skill, so she gets them enrolled in Crocker University they graduate together and soon Equius becomes the head of Engineering at Crocker Corp with Nepeta as his assistant.

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Jane Week Day 3: AU

Jane is high leveled healer class in SBURB the mmorpg, and is an heiress to the infamous Crocker Corp guild. Jane is very competent healer and mostly spend her time supporting her guild whenever The Condesce decides to Boss Raid or conquer other guild. the other end of her staff is trident, she used it when going meelee. and the skaian orb end is to buff her spells.