sidenote to the jane and jake discourse

It’s honestly really cool+interesting how jane’s heteronormative entitlement was played as villainous and jake’s mutual attraction to dirk was played as heroic (literally in the form of crocker tier jane and brain ghost dirk) like god damn homestuck owns, I love homestuck, someone please inform the straights in hollywood that narratives like this are possible and also awesome

Anonymous asked ro-taniah:Hi! I was wondering if you could design and draw a Ballgownstuck Crocker-Tier Jane? I really love your art, and if I had any money I would definitely buy some of your art. Hopefully after Christmas I can! Okay, bye now. c:

Last drawing of 2013???? FIRST DRAWING OF 2014? I CAN’T DECIDE also, thank you sweetie uvu i hope you had a wonderful christmas and holiday!

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So like, the whole Jade overembracing thing. I’ve never understood since when she goes grimbark it’s because of the condesce 2x mind controlling her. So she’s not doing it with her own free will, unlike Vriska who was overembracing her role through her own will. Could you enlighten me?

well remember that ‘grimbark’ Jade also died a Just Death while under that influence, and that also both Jane and Jade still had their own personalities and opinions and thoughts and ideas while they were grimbark/crocker tier

so the idea that they were 100% mind controlled and had no will at all while under her influence just isnt true

if Jade was personally responsible enough to die a just death, she was personally responsible enough to be considered overembracing is how I see it

there was talk earlier when it was actually happening that all the Condesce really did was unlock their previous stuffed down feelings of agression and irritations that they otherwise would have just never expressed towards the other players, and instead made it so that they would fully express everything they thought and felt, while still maintaining loyalty to the Condesce

so basically, if Jade or Jane had let themselves actually express what they were already feeling they way they did while under the condesces influence, then they had the potential to act the way without her influence as well

Homestuck Personal Arc Discussion - How the Conclusion Failed Its Characters (Pt. 1/?: Jane Crocker)

This series is not meant to belittle or otherwise shit upon the obvious tremendous amount of artistic effort that went into Homestuck’s final updates. I think everyone can agree the conclusion was visually & aurally stunning, and I would even say that what writing that was present was also top notch. This series is purely meant to explore something many people have found fault with: the failure to deliver on arc conclusions for just about every single one of Homestuck’s main characters despite a significant amount of build up and narrative foreshadowing that such conclusions were planned. I won’t be chiming in about the main plot/plot holes/etc, either, this is purely character discussion.

What Is A Character Arc?
Also known as an “inner journey,” a character arc is generally what separates a main protagonist from a secondary, minor or background character. The successful completion of a character arc is often what allows a character to be considered “round” vs “flat” – meaning that by the end of the story they have changed in some fundamental way.

Homestuck is a coming of age story, featuring young characters thrown into impossible situations expressly meant to challenge them and grow them as people. This is actually stated in the narrative several times, but more importantly, shown to us via what actually exists of each major characters’ arc. My argument then is that these arcs were truncated with a narratively lazy conclusion, not that they didn’t exist at all – and this is a large part of why so many people are finding the conclusion unsatisfying.

Pt. 1: Jane Crocker

Few people would deny that Jane Crocker caught the short end of Homestuck’s narrative stick; she is used to introduce us to the B2 Universe, her primary conflicts and motivations are laid out for us early on, and then… nothing ever happens with them, ever. She is waylaid partway through her story via a subplot wherein she is mind controlled by the Condesce, and – more importantly – never recovers any significant agency after being released from HIC’s influence.

So, what were Jane’s primary conflicts? Let’s talk about it.

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