crocke r

Honestly tho what would have happened if one of the girls got their period on the psychic link 

  • oh crap
  • wat is everything alright?
  • it’s my vagina
  • i dont understand what’s going on
  • U KNOW
  • *awkward grunt*
  • its um-
  • the thing at the end of a sentence kaldur
  • the monthly cycle kaldur
  • do atlanteans have periods?
  • i beg ur pardon
  • *awkward groan*
  • do kryptoneans have periods?
  • *angry groan*
  • do martians have periods?
  • these are life’s questions that i need answered
  • then y dont we just ask Miss M now?
  • NO
  • im still confused-
  • Ew that’s-
  • i still dont understand what’s going on
  • Zatanna do u have anything magical to stop my vagina from vaginaing or something-
  • i now truly understand why people say they are overwhelmed
I just realized something.

So Ninjago uses a lot of substitutes for swear words, right?

Well, I just remembered that there’s a line Cole says in “Only One Can Remain.”

“Ah, and your pillows are so soft. Man, mine are made of rock! What a crock!”

I don’t know if crock is some legitimate mild language, or if it’s just a stand-in. But if it’s a stand-in…

Remember when Cole said “After you guys mucked it up” in the episode he became a ghost? That was supposed to sound like the F bomb.

Take out the “r” in “crock.”