crock sisters


Because madi-starlight asked for some big-sister M'gann (to an adorable little Dick Grayson), so I thought, “hey, I’m an older sister, what did I used to do?”
This.  This is what I used to do.  So let me know; what do not-crap siblings do, when you’re not terrorizing each other?  What do older sisters do with younger brothers?

"Party Animal"

- Y/n’s siblings have a party while their parents are away that Y/N does not condone. [Y/SIS/N = Your sister’s name] . It took a lot of circumstances for your parents to allow you and your siblings to stay home alone for 2 nights without a babysitter or going to a close relative’s house. Your parents told you prior that they were going away for 2 days because of their anniversary so it wasn’t a big surprise when they got up 7 days later and packed to go abroad on holiday.  “Y/N since you’re the most responsible out of your sisters, you are in charge of the house till me and your mother get back” notified your dad as he placed the remaining luggage into the family Range Rover while your mum waited with you and your 2 sisters, Y/SIS/N and Y/SIS/N, before saying goodbye. “You 3 better keep this house cleaner than how you treat your white trainers because if I get home and receive any complaints you will NEVER be alone.” Shouted your mum while she hugged you and your sisters individually while slipping some money into your back pocket. “There’s food in the fridge for you all and I will be checking up” continued your mum/mom as she ran to the car determined not to miss her flight. “LOVE YOU!” you shouted while the car drove away out of the community. Walking into the house felt completely different to when you walked out, you haven’t even moved into this house for a year but it felt like home which is the main reason why your parents worked so hard to buy a house so prestigious. The rest of the day was spent with you being isolated from your sisters rewatching Teen Wolf (Issac Lahey especially), The Get down and Orange is the new black before you fell into a deep slumber with dreams about your man crush everyday. * You were in the middle of one of the best dreams you had yet where you and Justin, your major crush, were in the middle of your honeymoon at the Caribbean Islands until your body was awoken to sounds of thumping and sound in your bedroom. Peering around your bedroom you began to notice that your light up mirror was tilted, the walls nearest to the windows were wet and a couple were heavily making out on your bedroom floor on the borderline of getting frisky in the middle of your own damn bedroom. Watching them in you horror you managed to whisper, “Excuse me guys but… ” No reply. Just moans as if you weren’t there. Frustrated at how two strangers even came to your room you angrily removed the white duvet covers and marched straight to the blonde and brown haired couple and pulled them apart and adding a piece of your mind, “What do you think you’re doing here? Get out and go find a room!” you growled walking out of the room hoping that they would follow their way out. “Get a room? We are in a room” smirked the brunette boy with his quiff messy on the side and his shirt off; “think your smart? ok, if you do not leave in the next 10 seconds your ass will be dragged of my property onto the side of this neighbourhood on Instagram looking for an Uber code that you can use so that your measly coins can be put into good use now get your ass out of my room” you shouted as your fists closed and started shaking as a signal that you are pissed off. “Bitch” “And a bad one” you replied making sure to close the door behind you and pushing your way towards the stairs as you looked for your sisters but you had to hold that back when the Handsome and Blonde haired Justin Bieber came walking to your direction wearing a white shirt with ripped denim jeans added with black Yeezys to complete the look. “Overslept?” he asked taking a sip of the unknown beverage in the red cup “What do you mean?” you replied clearly confused at what this fine specimen was talking about but maybe he was just pissed drunk. “Well, you are wearing crocks and a Black One Direction shirt dress so…” “Ummmm…. Have you seen my sisters by any chance?” you ask while making a mental note to change into something less, “preteen”. “You look a lot like Y/SIS/N and Y/SIS/N but yes I did” “Do you know where they are?” “In the Kitchen talking to some guys but I will see you around beautiful” “Sure but after I change because this really isn’t a party central style” you chuckled walking towards the kitchen where you did correctly see your sisters. “if you don’t mind boys I just need to talk to my favourite siblings” you sarcastically boasted, dragging them away to the sit them on the outdoor sofas surprisingly garden/yard was something special at night. The copper seethrough candle containers and plants really illuminated in the night as if it came straight from a high-class magazine. “You two really outdid yourselves who could piss off the most but to be honest a nerve was hit when our parents didn’t even know that their innocent daughters hosted one of the largest parties in this fucking town” you shouted emphasising innocent with a clearly angry facial expression evident on your face, “You know we can’t really take you seriously when you’re wearing crocks” slurred your sister slowly standing up to leave until you pushed her down “I do not give two shits what I’m wearing, you know if dad comes home he is whooping all our asses with the remote, belt and maybe even the spoon” you shouted as you knocked the red cup from her grasp. “If they find out that this party I going on you two will be having more problems with me so have fun because this will be the last party you two will very have you owe me” You continued as you slowly smirked thinking about all the jobs they could do for you. After viciously shouting at your sister and taking a chug of alcohol, you knew it was going to be a long night when you have 2 party animals as sisters. Justin was here in your humble abroad so you needed to glam up show up everyone else here so Justin could notice you, you needed a piece of the cake and you were determined to get it. You decided on two outfits which were a Bardot nude playsuit or a nude bralette matching with a skirt then resuming to go to a natural look and finalising with white heels. If your momma only knew. The house was fuller than before you went upstairs with only a couple of people leaving right before the party got more hype. Unlocking your IPhone you made sure to text your friend Maggie to go to your house. “I see you dressed up quite nicely Y/N” approved Justin sparking another conversation between you two “How do you know my name? Justin” you asked taking a full look at him “Well I don’t go to any party without knowing the owner of the house you know” he replied getting rid of a curl from your hair and tucking other strays behind your real making it harder for you to resist the smile creeping up on your face (damn his hands were softer than expected) “Let’s go have fun” he continued taking your hand and leading you to where the music was playing but not before giving you a 7-UP to drink. Controlla could be heard from the living room where the music system was. “Let’s put those moves into good use” you squealed knowing that that’s your song of the month resulting to you dragging him to the dancing floor where you sang along to the song with a little dirty dancing and having a lit time with Justin, with the music being that loud you were honestly surprised that the neighbours didn’t complain. The DJ had his moments with him playing other R&B songs such as I got the keys, The fix and even some the Weeknd songs to add flavour, it was  close to hitting 3am when your sister, Y/SIS/N cut the music and ordered everyone “to shut the fuck up” to answer a phone call, “hello this is the Y/LN’s residence how may I help?” she asked acting as casual as she could attempting to hide the drunken state she is. “Y.N?” asked the caller “no sorry this is Y/SIS/N but I can pass it to her” “Y/SIS/N this is your uncle Dwayne now explain to me why outside tour house there are teenagers smoking weed and drinking on the front porch?” he asked “Ummm, Uncle D I think Y/N is calling me I will call you back right away” stuttered your sister quickly ending the call allowing the music to be plugged and the party to be continued until the songs were cut again filling up groans from the guests however not by your sister….. It was your uncle. “Party’s over guys now pull away and get out” he shouted leaving the door open allowing masses of people to leave. It took a little over 40 minutes to get everyone completely out of the house especially people upstairs and extremely sleepy drunks; when it was safe you say that everyone was out of the house you were left with only your uncle, sisters, Maggie and Justin causing an awkward tension around the kitchen. Uncle Dwayne did some My wife and kids type of stunt which low-key made you glad that he was there to dissolve the situation, however, it also disappointing to know that Justin will have to leave which you realised when you walked him to the door, “Y/N I had fun and It would be cool to hang out more but I’ll see you later” muttered Justin right before he pecked you on the cheek which you knew you would never wash again. After many attempts to your uncle decided to stay until the last day before your parents returned home so that It looked like that you were responsible with the duration that they went on holiday yet as a price you would literally have to spend the whole day cleaning making sure that the house was cleaner than the whitest shoes you owned. You removed any excess makeup that you missed and got rid of the heels replacing them with you pink puma Rihanna Slides and checking up on any Instagram or snap chats that mainly consisted of videos of the house party and captions saying “Lit party” or “Great night”. Snuggling into your bed and on the verge of going to sleep you felt a small vibration under the pillow, unlocking your phone  you were faced with a text from Justin reading “Goodnight crocsy x” earning a smile on your face before you dozed off to face the morning ahead.


“That’s strike three, baby girl.”

The voice was gruff, disappointed. He was standing to the side, half hidden in the dim shadows of the softly lit room they used for training. He had his arms crossed, the guttering flame from the candle on the desk behind him licking across his features, the shadows showing the definition of muscles stretched taut with disapproval.

She was exhausted, and her face hurt, and her arm, and now the outside of her calf. She whimpered, dropping to one knee on the mat, reaching down to smear away the blood that was trying to reach her ankles. She was so used to the color red, to the sight and smell of blood; but she could never get used to the shock of split skin, to the sharp sting of honed metal biting into her faster than she could follow. She knew better than to cry, but she could never stop the tears from welling up on her lower lids, especially when they had been at it for hours. She was hungry, and she was tired, and she just wanted Jade to fix her wounds and read her Alice in Wonderland again and tuck her into bed.

But that wouldn’t happen until she could successfully knick Jade with her own light sword.

“Get up,” Jade demanded a little sharply, and Artemis knew that she was only trying to keep her from getting into trouble with dad. She wiped at her face and quickly got back into her ready stance, wondering if it were even possible for her to hurt her own sister. Jade was too much older, too much faster, and Artemis didn’t even want to hurt her.

But she had to.

“Again,” Lawrence Crock barked at them.

Another sting of pain on her cheek, right below the first.


Both of Us-Jade and Artemis

by Robin09653

“I’ve always told mom you’re an absolute lunatic to deal with before noon,” Jade informs her with a scoff, turning away from her in dismissal. She marches over to the closet, the one that’s been solely Artemis’s since the night Jade left her. “You need to learn to separate your dreams from reality, little sis. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting first shower.”

(I’m trying to write a thing, and it starts so good but then I don’t know what to do with it =-[[[[ )