crock sisters


Because madi-starlight asked for some big-sister M'gann (to an adorable little Dick Grayson), so I thought, “hey, I’m an older sister, what did I used to do?”
This.  This is what I used to do.  So let me know; what do not-crap siblings do, when you’re not terrorizing each other?  What do older sisters do with younger brothers?


“That’s strike three, baby girl.”

The voice was gruff, disappointed. He was standing to the side, half hidden in the dim shadows of the softly lit room they used for training. He had his arms crossed, the guttering flame from the candle on the desk behind him licking across his features, the shadows showing the definition of muscles stretched taut with disapproval.

She was exhausted, and her face hurt, and her arm, and now the outside of her calf. She whimpered, dropping to one knee on the mat, reaching down to smear away the blood that was trying to reach her ankles. She was so used to the color red, to the sight and smell of blood; but she could never get used to the shock of split skin, to the sharp sting of honed metal biting into her faster than she could follow. She knew better than to cry, but she could never stop the tears from welling up on her lower lids, especially when they had been at it for hours. She was hungry, and she was tired, and she just wanted Jade to fix her wounds and read her Alice in Wonderland again and tuck her into bed.

But that wouldn’t happen until she could successfully knick Jade with her own light sword.

“Get up,” Jade demanded a little sharply, and Artemis knew that she was only trying to keep her from getting into trouble with dad. She wiped at her face and quickly got back into her ready stance, wondering if it were even possible for her to hurt her own sister. Jade was too much older, too much faster, and Artemis didn’t even want to hurt her.

But she had to.

“Again,” Lawrence Crock barked at them.

Another sting of pain on her cheek, right below the first.


Both of Us-Jade and Artemis

by Robin09653

“I’ve always told mom you’re an absolute lunatic to deal with before noon,” Jade informs her with a scoff, turning away from her in dismissal. She marches over to the closet, the one that’s been solely Artemis’s since the night Jade left her. “You need to learn to separate your dreams from reality, little sis. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting first shower.”

(I’m trying to write a thing, and it starts so good but then I don’t know what to do with it =-[[[[ )