Raleigh's "Lost Words" Drabble Prompts~

Send me a Word and Character/Pairing and I’ll Write a Drabble for it~

(Basically what happens on a very boring day when you own an Unabridged Dictionary

  • Amandation: act of sending away or dismissing
  • Amarulence: bitterness; spite
  • Amorevolous: affectionate; loving
  • Antipelargy: reciprocal or mutual kindness
  • Apanthropinization: withdrawal from human concerns or the human world
  • Assectation: act of following after something else
  • Bajulate: to bear a heavy burden
  • Bonifate: lucky; fortunate
  • Brabeum: reward or prize
  • Brochity: projecting or crooked quality of teeth

  • Cacozealous: imitating badly
  • Caprizant: of the pulse, uneven or irregular
  • Celeberrimous: very or most highly celebrated
  • Circumbilivagination going around in a circular motion; circumambulation
  • Commendaces: funeral orations; prayers for the dead
  • Cosmogyral: whirling round the universe
  • Crocitation: croaking; cawing
  • Deartuate: to dismember
  • Decutient: shaking down; beating down
  • Diffibulate: to unbutton; to unbuckle

  • Ecstasiate: to go into an ecstasy; to cause to become ecstatic
  • Embaphium: small vessel for measuring or serving medicine
  • Essomenic: showing things as they will be in the future
  • Fabrefaction: act of fashioning or making a work of art
  • Fallaciloquence: deceitful speech
  • Famelicose: often or very hungry
  • Fumificate: to make or cause smoke or incense

  • Gelicide: a frost
  • Gleimous: slimy
  • Gnathonize: to flatter
  • Graviloquence: grave speech
  • Halatinous: saline; salty
  • Hypenemious: full of wind

  • Igniparous: bringing forth fire
  • Impigrity: quickness; speed
  • Ingordigious: greedy; avaricious
  • Irredivivous: unable to be revived
  • Kalotypography: beautiful printing
  • Keleusmatically: imperatively; in an imperative mood
  • Kexy: dry, brittle, withered

  • Latibule: hiding place
  • Lubency: willingness; pleasure
  • Lugent: weeping; mourning
  • Magastromancy: magical astrology
  • Mancation: maiming; mutilation
  • Mariturient: eager to marry
  • Misqueme: to displease; to offend
  • Morsicant:producing the sensation of repeated biting or pricking
  • Murklins: in the dark

  • Nequient: not being able
  • Nerterology: learning relating to the dead or the underworld
  • Obrumpent: breaking; bursting
  • Occaecation: the act of blinding
  • Ossifragant: bone-breaking

  • Pamphagous: eating everything; all-consuming
  • Patration: perfection or completion of something
  • Perantique: very antique or ancient
  • Phoenigm: reddening of the skin
  • Pication: application of warm pitch to the skin as medical treatment
  • Quadrimular: lasting for four years
  • Quaeritate: to question; to inquire

  • Redamancy: act of loving in return
  • Rimestock: old almanac with runic writings
  • Roomthily: spatially; with respect to space
  • Scaevity: unluckiness
  • Scathefire: great destructive fire; conflagration
  • Senticous: prickly; thorny
  • Somandric: pertaining to the human body
  • Sparsile: of a star, not included in any constellation
  • Summotion: removal

  • Temerate: to break a bond or promise
  • Tenellous: somewhat tender
  • Teterrimous: most foul
  • Thysiastery: sacrificial altar
  • Traboccant: superabundant; excessive
  • Tremefy: to cause to tremble
  • Vacivity: emptiness
  • Vanmost: in the front; foremost
  • Venalitious: of the sale of humans as slaves
  • Veteratorian: crafty; subtle
  • Visotactile: involving both touch and vision
  • Vultuous: having a sad or solemn countenance

  • Welmish: of a pale or sickly colour

May or may not end up adding more words later.  Have fun with these~

Getting Better Acquainted


It had been over a week since she’d come out James’ mirror. Things were still new and often baffling to her, but if Wonderland had shown her one thing, it was that she could adapt no matter the environment.

She’d been given a crash course in modern technology. Most of it was so far out of what she’d experienced that she had to just accept that things worked the way they said. Thinking on it too hard gave her a headache.

James had procured her a phone, and Alice had learned enough to text and call both Harker and James. She still had been learning what the strange, brightly colored buttons on the screen meant. What had James called them? Apps?

The lingo was bewildering. Alice wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to it.

After Harker had texted her to let her know that she wouldn’t be returning that evening, Alice decided to call James and see if he was busy. If he didn’t pick up, well, then she’d leave a message.