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Weekly Round Up - March 26, 2017
It’s been a crazy week but I’m excited about my progress! I’m particularly proud of the Jolteon as I forgot to write down his pattern last time I made him! This time I remembered to write everything down for next time! I also have finished all the Chibi Charmanders I wanted to have done for Wizard World and continue to love the Pride Whales! This week I made another Bisexu-whale and a Genderfluid Whale!

Need to block the wings so they’re flat and then he’s ready for assembly.
A baby dragon my brother asked for to represent his Dragonborn Druid, Xarl.

I had a message asking why these were expensive for being so small, as it seemed like I was over charging.
This is why.
These are nine pieces in total that are indvidually made and assembled. All together, a whole dragon takes about four hours or so to make.

So. There we go. Now, anon, you know.

Who doesn’t like the StormFly babies ? 🍼🍼
I’ve been crochet crazily and super busy preparing for my upcoming events & expos, hopefully everything will goes well and smoothly!!💪💪🤞🏻🤞🏻
Too bad there aren’t any crochet Emojis 😑
In the meanwhile, I’m also very happy that the Spring finally here in Regina🌷🌷bye bye 👋 JackFrost

I have a confession

I had showed this to some of you early on and said my friend made it.  Actually, my friend didn’t make it.  I did.  I do crochet but I didn’t want to post my stuff here for personal reasons, but now I feel like I could care less about those reasons. So let me re-introduce my very first Assassin doll, Altair. 

Another reason I want to share this with you guys is because I’ve been working on a Jacob doll for a while now but I’m sort of stuck with the design of his hood and, frankly, I could use some encouragement to get this done. :)


Pride Flag Question!
I am working on expanding my collection of Pride Whales and Pride Dragons and would love to add an intersex one! However, the internet is giving me conflicting information on the intersex flag so I’d like to ask - is one right and one is wrong? Is it a matter of individual preference?

If the one on the left is acceptable, the intersex whale and dragon would look a lot like the others in style. If the one on the right is better, the design would most likely be more color based (like yellow whale body with purple fins or one purple stripe in the middle) because I don’t think I can do the circle justice if I try to directly translate it. If you would consider purchasing an intersex pride plushie, would that design be acceptable to you? If not feel free to describe what would be better and I’ll see if I can physically do it.

Thanks for any input!

The Meadow Sage Baby Blanket with Sugar Sprout Newborn Hats -

I created the Meadow Sage Blanket holding one strand of worsted weight and one strand of sport weight yarn. I love the color blend this created. -

The Sugar Sprout Newborn Hat pattern offers two options for finishing the top and for finishing the edging. -

Both crochet patterns are available through my profile link. -

#babyhat #babyblanket #HiddenMeadowCrochet

NaKniCroMo Day 26

Projectless yarn you’ve held on to?

I most certainly do have some yarn like that. I have a rough idea what I want with it, mostly just that it’ll be something for me, a scarf or a hat or something, but I’ve got nothing in particular in mind for it yet. I’m sure it’ll tell me what it wants to be in the future though :)



I’ve been making these like crazy for friends and family and they’ve been getting compliments so I wanna try selling them!

They are $20 each +shipping!!
Color choices: black, cream, grey, teal, pink, burgundy
Ear choices: cat, bear, rabbit

Fits head sizes 20-24 inch. I can customize the sizing if you need it. You can contact me straight on tumblr. I only accept payments through PayPal!

Reblogs are appreciated!