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Magikarp Pattern

The Magikarp pattern is complete! You can view and/or download it here!

Thank you to all my testers for helping me out! If anyone has any questions about the pattern, feel free to send me an ask or message me! 

I hope you all have fun making Magikarp!


Sharing to save a life;

So if you’re like me and you never ever EVER buy skeins of yarn bc you know just how impossibly knotted it gets and how impossibly difficult it is to find a yarn swift (bc who tf uses yarn swifts, lbr), today I found the answer:

A swivel office chair.

I was literally on the verge of cancelling my Darn Good Yarn subscription bc they send skeins, not balls (like when I tried winding last month’s skein it literally took 5 hours, I had to break the yarn 7 times and I just keep staring at it and not wanting to use it bc it’s so messed up) and now I’m overjoyed because it will never happen again!!!! YAYYY!!

Also, tangent, if you’ve seen Darn Good Yarn’s subscription, the yarn pictured was this month’s thing (my photos do it NO justice). It’s waste silk, super soft, they sent me 2 patterns for baby booties, and like 20 butterfly magnets. I think it’s great and highly recommend it.

Conversations I have at work..
  • (I work in a clothing store)
  • ENFJ: *holds up sweater* this is $11.99..
  • ENFJ: I could knit this AND watching tv.
  • INTP: You knit?
  • ENFJ: Yea..
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: I crochet.
  • needless to say we spent the rest of our shift knitting and crocheting..
What human Pokemon character should I crochet?

I think it’d be neat to make a person from the Pokemon universe for a change, but I don’t know who should be the first!

A protag from the main games, maybe one from Colosseum/XD, the Pokemon Ranger series, from the tv show or movies?? There’s just so many to pick from

Reblog this / send me an ask with who you think it should be! 

So I made a post the other day about using an office chair to wind skeins of yarn in place of a yarn swift, and it was honestly more popular than I thought, so I figured I’d also share how I handwind balls of yarn and maybe save someone else’s life 😂

This specifically goes out all the knitters/crocheters/yarn crafters who either can’t afford a ball winder or don’t have enough projects going to justify buying a ball winder.

And also for everyone who bought one at Michel’s and found it didn’t work. I used to work there. I know.

So anyway, I always wind my balls of yarn as center-pull balls where you leave the inner end of the yarn out, wind it all up, tuck in the outer end, and use the yarn from the inside. Pretty simple, common yarn hack imo. You can find tons of demonstrations on youtube (which is actually where I learned it).

However, I know when I learned this hack almost every video I saw said to use an empty toilet paper roll? Which I have never actually done, because it’s too short to hold a ball of yarn, your hand gets in the way of the winding, and then the roll collapses and you can’t slide the ball off if it’s wound too tight, plus you have to make sure you have an empty roll laying around whenever you want to wind your yarn, plus it’s been in your bathroom for a while?? And blah blah.

So what I do is use an empty body spray bottle (Twisted Peppermint from Bath and Body Works, specifically), and I highly recommend doing the same. All the yarn wound on it gets subtly scented like peppermint. You can tuck the inner yarn end under the cap so it doesn’t get pulled into the ball halfway through on accident. You can use the sprayer end as a handle to keep your hand way the heck out of the way while you’re winding. And you can just use the same bottle over and over again–I’m pretty sure B&BW already discontinued this scent tbh, I’ve been using this bottle that long lol.

So yeah xD is it a ratchet hack? Yes. But do I wind yarn without my peppermint perfume bottle? Never.

To those of you who post progress photos of your work. To show a new section that has been finished, or just to show off an interesting section.

To those of you who do a daily document of whatever you’ve done or achieved, just to have a journal of your work.

To those of you who call a single row or a few stitches an accomplishment,

I congratulate you. You’re doing a wonderful job. Keep doing what you love and show what you think is awesome. It’s looking great! 


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anonymous asked:

Can you recommend other good knitting or crochet blogs? Love your content!

I’m so happy you enjoy the blog!

You know, there are so many high quality knitting and crochet blogs here on tumblr.  I’ll tell you the ones I look at most frequently but this is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of good craft blogs.  (If I’ve left you off it’s not meant as a slight at all, I promise.)

But the following are consistently high-quality, and if you start following them you will not be sorry:


yarnaddictionfictionknitterlazy-vegetarianheart-of-yarn; letsknitmag;

allofthemaking; purple-rose-emporium; stitch-please; fannishknits;

theknittingpirate; crochetmelovely

I crochet a lot but I’m staring at embroidery videos right now thinking about trying that out as well even though that requires a lot more creativity and ingenuity than I’m used to. But the end products people make are so cool~