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Hello! Could you please give some ideas of habits or hobbies so I can make my characters seem more 'real'? So far I have one that is obsessed with cleaning, one that apologizes too much and one that likes to 'play' with the zombies like they're normal people. I need more 7 of those because there are a lot of characters. Thanks in advance!

No problem. Here is a list a list of common habits and hobbies: 

Warning for the extremely long post! 


- Biting(Lips, nails, gums, etc) 

-Tapping nails/fingers on things



-Twisting/flipping/adjusting hair 

-Clicking their tongue

-Licking or smacking their lips

-Chewing Gum

- Rolling their eyes

-Getting easily distracted

-Talking too loud or too quiet

-Talking too fast or too slow 

-Scratching themselves


-Always waking up/ going to bed at the same times 

- Over Drinking

-Over eating

-Under drinking/ Forgetting to stay hydrated

-Under eating/ forgetting to eat

-Over spending or refusing to spend money 

-Over using media/ technology 

-Cracking Knuckles, neck or back

-Talking to themselves


-Not holding eye contact/ Prolonged eye contact 



-Making/breaking promises


–Constantly repeating yourself 

-Forgetting who you told what

-Slouching or having good posture

-Can’t focus

-Easily getting into fights

-Being rude or overly polite 





-Being late, on time or early always

-Clearing their throat

-Fidgeting with themselves or other things

-Grinding your teeth.

That’s all I can think of at the moment for that but there are literally hundreds more. 


-Sports(Playing or watching: Soccer, football, baseball, dance, Ice-skating,golf, bowling,tennis,volleyball,water-polo, swimming, Gymnastics,etc)

-”Extreme sports” (BMX racing, Street Racing, boat/jetski racing, wake-boarding, water/snow skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, sky diving, etc)

-music(Listening, singing, playing an instrument, writing music or lyrics.) 




-makeup (Watching/doing normal, glam or fx makeup) 

-Cinema(Watching, collecting, criticizing, creating, etc) 


-Collecting things(Commonly: Toys, rocks/minerals, boxes, bottles, cars, weapons,stamps, coins, snow-globes, magnets,shot-glasses, etc)

-Video, card or board games(Watching, playing, making) 

-Exercising(Swimming, running, jogging, hiking, weight lifting, climbing, etc) 


-Crafting(Sewing, knitting, crocheting, metal work, making jewelry, wood working, weaving, etc) 

-taking care of animals

-cleaning up the environment 

-Costume Design/Fashion (Making or collecting)

-Theater(Acting, watching, or technical)

-Cars/motorcycles, bikes, other mechanical items(Fixing, collecting, etc) 

- Nail art

-Hair Styling

-Cooking or Baking

-Exploring Nature (Hiking, camping, picnicking, etc) 

-Martial Arts/Self defense classes




That’s all I can think of for that right now, but again, there are so many more out there, this is just a general, common list. 

I hope that helped, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

are you a knitting or crochet kind of person? An acrylic or wool kind of person? A paid pattern or a free pattern person? A metal or wood hook/needle person? A ‘project at a time’ or a 16 WIP person? A ‘I crochet/knit everywhere I go’ or a ‘I have a specific spot’ person? 

In Detail: Ulyana Sergeenko Couture FW1516 boucle coat with mink fur collar, crepe bodysuit, lace skirt with hand crochet flowers, perspex and metal clutch “Winter Garden” with hand embroidery #ulyanasergeenko #couture #fw1516 #fashionshow #pariscouture #pfw #communalflat #stpetersburg #wintergarden #newyear #ульянасергеенко by ulyana_sergeenko_moscow

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Mother fucking SMIDGE

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: I don’t really think she’s interested. She’s not aro to me but I feel like in this current point in time, she just…doesn’t really care. She’s a busy little lady and she has no need for a romantic interest right now. I cant think of anyone I really ship her with but probably wouldn’t disagree with any ship notion.

friendship them with: Again, her and Cooper is my favourite thing. Also the rest of the Snack Pack girls. I like to think Suki sometimes comes with her to the gym. And she really likes shopping with Poppy and the twins.

Oh and how could I forget Branch. Smidge is probably the closest thing he has to a personal trainer.

general opinions: I love her. Did you know Smidge enjoys both heavy metal and crocheting? Like damn this lil bab got some range in her interests. I mean she likes to accessorize with little ribbons and dresses but also weightlifts and could probably kick your ass with little effort. That’s a fucking character right there. Smidge is amazing and I want more of her.


Amigurumi Cockatiel

This was a custom commission made for a friend to hang from her rear-view mirror. She has a pet cockatiel named Fred and requested I crochet one so he can join in her travels! 

The cockatiel and roses are crocheted, the chain is made of leather, and the pendant is stamped metal. I had a lot of fun with this project as it’s different from my normal amigurumi and combined all the aspects of my creations (crochet, welding, and jewelry). 

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Azalea, carnation, geranium, lavender, violet for Flowery asks?

Thanks, Snooooow! <3

azalea : what’s one word that describes you ?

geranium : how has your day been ?
pretty cruisey and totally ready for a nice relaxing weekend after I submit my essay tonight, thank you for asking, O! <3

lavender : what’s one of the best gifts you’ve ever received ?
a colossal set of metal crochet hooks in all kinds of vivid jewel colours, covering almost every possible hook size. from my fave Aquarian cousin for a birthday one year. i try and use my Knit Pro Symfonie carved birch hooks these days as much as I can because I much prefer the organic feel and they’re so richly coloured now cos of all the oils from my fingers soaked into the wood, but I still love love my colourful metals so much.

violet : what’s one thing most people don’t know about you ?
serious answer: prolly that i get really upset/anxious about slight disagreements and conflicts
silly answer: i really really love the ice age movies