crocheted cardigan

So, I have a new little niece.  Her name is Ruby Belle and we love her so very much!  She’s my brother’s first little one.  Because of this, everywhere I look I see cute little clothes and beanies and toys to make for our new little gem. Look at this one!

A new cardi for Lulu  - Emma from LuLu Loves said the following about the pattern and the process.

I bought the pattern for this Fair Isle cardigan last winter from Ball Hank N’ Skein on Etsy. I was finally prompted to make it when I ordered some lovely Artesano Aran (50% Superfine Alpaca, 50% Peruvian Highland Wool) to try. I knew this wool was a bit special and I loved the colours so before another winter came and went I made a start.

Only for the Crochet?

Hello lovely peeps.  Recently I received a question from a follower asking me why I have been posting more knitting links between my crochet posts. This blog did start as a crochet blog because that’s what I loved doing. Over the years that I’ve been blogging you will have noticed that I have taught myself to dye fibre, spin and make my own yarn, weave, and eventually knit my own handspun.  This iteration of crafting interest has meant that my blog has changed slightly to mirror these interests. That is why there is a little more knitting-love in my posts.  I love everything about yarn, fibre, wool, weaving, knitting and crochet!  What do you think?  Are you happy seeing a range of fibre posts on my blog, or are you here only for the Crochet?  I’d love to know.

Much love Claire x

“GISHWHES was the best week ever! I reconnected with my creative side and some old friends.”

IMAGE: Outfit a public statue of a celebrated historical figure with a knitted or crocheted Gishwhes cardigan. 53 POINTS - GISHWHES 2013

This is the second baby cardigan that I made for my boyfriend’s twin nieces when they turned one. Here’s the other! This one’s actually purple, but because the camera on my phone’s not great, it looks kind of blue here. I actually made this over a year ago and forgot to post it, oops :|

It’s made for a 1 year old, but it came out a little baggy, which means they can still wear them now at 2, which is awesome! Up until this point I’d basically made hats and scarvs, so it was challenging and fun to actually make something as substantial as a lil cardigan ^u^