crocheted bike

I was tagged by @vowel-in-thug and @old-long-john. Thank you both so much, lovelies!! It was so rad to read your responses, since I really don’t know either of you too, too well. you’re both rad.

  • rules: tag 9 people you would like to get to know better
  • relationship status: pringles
  • favorite color: pastels!! dusty pink, light greens and blues, lilac, gold.
  • pets: Marlo and Scarlett are my dogs and Hendrix and Saoirse are my cats!!
  • last song i listened to:  Old Heart - Hugo
  • favorite tv show: favorite is a tier so: hannibal, black sails, elementary, stranger things, jessica jones, the path
  • first fandom: I wrote fanfiction when i was a kid for some manga i used to like a lot, but my first fandoms were…. two of the Big Bads on tumblr
  • hobbies: writing, reading, crocheting, painting, biking, playing violin
  • books i’m currently reading: The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I just finished Lolita yesterday and I have so many Thoughts.

I’m tagging @apolloniae, @crucifythenburn, @frau-kali, and…. i can’t think of anyone else. But if you wanna do this, just say i tagged you!!