So when I said scalloped edge, I in fact meant the shell stitch. Isn’t it very similar? I cannot be sure, I am not an expert.

Anyway, I’ve almost finished the yellow edge. I did a row of HDC and then the shell stitch as (HDC, SC in next st) and so on. It’s ruffle-y but not too much.

I’m so excited.

Sorry I don’t have a picture to show you. I had to leave my house for work and I forgot.

But this picture was somewhat popular on instagram.

Oh my goddess!

I am nearly finished this afghan. It is 58” vertical and 42” horizontal. All that’s left is the edging.

My arms are dying because it is so heavy and I kept having to turn it and lift it. Tiring.

I think I’m going to do a scalloped (sp?) edge in one color on each side. Probably red, purple, yellow and teal.

Okay, my hands (and arms) are dying.


Real Life: My second job starts full time next week. At the moment I’ve only been working there on Saturdays. It’s not that exciting, I just work at a small waterpark during the summers.

Tumble Life: I have reached 90 followers. Which to me is mindblowing because I did not expect that at all. Someone please tell me what am I doing right! Lol.

Crochet All The Yarn: The picture above is my current project. I’m using the rest of the yarn that I purchased for the granny stripe blanket to make these granny squares. I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to make, but hopefully I will have enough so that I can add a “granny square pillow case” to my list of finished projects! I don’t have any particular color scheme in mind as I make these, I just pick the colors I think look really nice together. But I really love the contrast between these two squares.

Camp Nanowrimo: Word Count at the moment is 28,426 (subject to change). I am way in the lead on this, but that is because of several factors and I really want to get back to the regularly scheduled reblogging of cool crochet stuff.

I miss this blog!

The infinity scarf that I made to go with the gloves :D

This is actually freakin awesome so I am going to write a legit pattern for it. And yes, I just realized that this is pretty much the same color reds and burgundies as my hair.

Yarn Info: LionBrand’s Tweed Stripes

Weight Category: 5

3.00 oz./85 g (144 yd/132 m)

100% Acrylic

in Mixed Berries

So I got a scarf and gloves out of 3 0z of yarn…awesome.

I feel like I’m all over the place, but here is the rug that I started on a half hour ago. It’s about 15 inches in diameter…circumference? Whatever.

I’m using Hometown USA and a size 9.00mm hook. To be completely honest, I’m a little surprised at how tight the stitches are turning out and how rug-like it feels.

If anyone says you can actually make a hat with this, I think it would be a waste of yarn. This project grows super super fast.

Depending on how big you want it to be you could probably finish it in a day. I’m going for 40 to 50 inches around, but I have to check the space that I want it to be in.

Rambling complete! Hope everyone is having a good day and that you entered the giveaway! If not there is a link on my page

So I just spent about $8 bucks at Michaels for this yarn…should’ve went to WalMart.

The Red Heart Soft is in Embers Print (and it was the last skein) so I’m making a beanie.

The Sugars ‘n Cream is in Moondance. And I’ve never used this before, but I’ll probably make some dish scrubbies…after my afghan.

I dunno.