Amigurumi Skull Kid

Made this one for Ben as an anniversary gift. It was a challenge but I’m so happy with the way it came out! His mask has a crocheted base, with all the details needle felted on. The mask took much longer than expected, and I definitely stabbed myself with the needle more times than I was hoping for, but it was so worth. 

Skull Kid is now his favorite thing that I’ve made him. Win!


We’re back! 

A lot has gone on this last year, a lot of hardships and family issues that kept me from crocheting but we finally moved from Hawaii to Maryland and I decided to get back to thing that I loved. Starting small and with a friend pregnant and due any time now, I decided to crochet these cute, nerdy baby blankets (or “loveys” since they are part stuffed animal.)

I plan to crochet Pokemon again very soon but right now I’m working on a huge project for my husband and I cannot wait to share that with you guys. I promise it is Pokemon related!

You can once more check out the shop and remember I always welcome custom orders, whether it be hats, blankets or plushies!


Pixel Crochet

Weekly Round Up - February 19, 2017

I am tired of being sick but I did make a little progress. I have finished all the Navis I wanted to and love the green in this Cthulhu. And I did make more progress than what this looks like - I have an embarrassingly large number of WIPs taking over my craft table. Someone yell at me until I finish a few of them

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Amigurumi Fi Cat Toy

Happy September, everyone! I’ve been away from the blog for a lot of this Summer, I’ve just been so busy! I really haven’t been working on commissions as much, as sewing projects are now taking up much of my time. But now I’m back in the swing of things. 

Ben and I also adopted a kitten this Summer! Her name is Fi, after the Legend of Zelda character. (We literally argued about names for weeks, but once we saw her and how her markings reminded us of Fi from Zelda, we instantly agreed it was a perfect fit.) We are absolutely in love and honestly, a lot of my crocheting time has gone to playing with Fi. She kind of takes over any project I’m working on anyway to play with the yarn. She’s such a sweetheart.

So, now that I’ve freed up some time, naturally the first thing I crochet is a toy for her. I had already made a full size amigurumi of Fi for Ben as a gift, and just condensed it into a small toy. Fi loves it, too. I couldn’t even get through taking the photos before she jumped up on the table and stole it to play. 

She’s the best little meow. 

Weekly Round Up - 2/12/2017

I’m still a bit behind where I’d like to be each week, but this week was all about smaller pieces! I managed to put together 3 Navis, 5 Pokeballs, 4 Safari Balls and one Master Ball!
Once again, I also made a few parts of things and really need to finish some of them before they completely take over my craft table!


Did I accidentally use a blue filter? No, it’s Cojiro!

This Cojiro won’t crow when in the Lost Woods, but he can be a companion in your own adventures. He is the blue bird of happiness of Hyrule! Cojiro is crocheted from an original pattern with acrylic yarn.

Oh! It’s National Crochet Month! I’ll be posting a special deal soon :)

Cojiro is available in my shop. 


Zelda! I only got into this franchise as an adult, but it’s excellent and I am super pumped for Majora’s Mask. Sometimes I weep for the child I once was, who grew up with ZERO video games! This is yet another doll I can’t bring myself to give away or sell, and if I’m being entirely honest it’s 100% because But What If I Have A Daughter Someday And Name Her Zelda.


A customer suggested this creation and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

This little cucco won’t help you fly places, but he makes a great companion. This cucco is crocheted from an original pattern with acrylic yarn. He is approximately 8" tall and 8" from beak to tail feathers.

Available in my shop~
Don’t forget that every order comes with a free heart piece (amigurumi heart) :D