Why did I not know that there’s a monthly subscription for yarn?!?!?! OMG this is too cool!!! Gahh!!

The only bad part is it’s a bit expensive :( Christmas gift, anyone???

Anyways their actual website is
And you can checkout their facebook here:


A customer suggested this creation and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

This little cucco won’t help you fly places, but he makes a great companion. This cucco is crocheted from an original pattern with acrylic yarn. He is approximately 8" tall and 8" from beak to tail feathers.

Available in my shop~
Don’t forget that every order comes with a free heart piece (amigurumi heart) :D

Craft Challenges March Challenge:  Geek Knits

The name of this challenge says it all.  For March’s challenge, participants are to work on projects that let their geek flag fly – either literally (Doctor scarves! Jayne hats! Spock ears!) or figuratively (knitting or crocheting anything you happen to be extremely passionate about [socks with self-striping yarn, in my case]).  Anything you want to make can be submitted for this challenge, so long as it is, and/or relates to something that channels your inner fangirl/boy.   

You may begin your Geek Knits March Challenge project anytime you like but we will not begin posting photos for the March Challenge until March 1, 2015.  To have your project photos displayed on this blog either submit them to us or post them on your own blog, being certain to tag “craftchallenges” so I can find them.

Good luck, and happy crafting!

(Wondering what the February Challenge is?  Find out more right here.)