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Adorable right? What a great little tutorial.

thecolourfulnerd  asked:

Hi! Do you have diys for crocheting bralletes or halter top sort of things? Thank you x

Yep! I found a bunch with different designs, so take your pick! Quite a few video tutorials, too.

DIY Simple Bralette

DIY Crochet Top

DIY Hazelbrooke Halter

DIY Crochet Top: The Enchanted Halter

DIY Bralette

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Learn to Crochet!
Crochet Gif Tutorials: Crocodile Stitch

A tutorial in 7 parts:
Part 1 - First Foundation Row
Part 2 - Row 1, First Scale
Part 3 - Row 1, Middle Scales
Part 4 - Row 1, Last Scale
Part 5 - Second Foundation Row
Part 6 - Row 2
Part 7 - Third Foundation Row

This tutorial shows my technique for making the crocodile stitch. I’ve looked at various other tutorials in the past and they all seem to have slightly different methods, but this is what I came up with as the way that works for me. I hope that it will help you too - but as always, play around and see what you like best!

So far, this tutorial only covers making the crocodile stitch in rows - so for things like scarves or anything rectangular. At some point in the future I hope to cover the adaptions you need to make to work this in the round.

Happy hooking! XX


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The full video is on my youtube channel Freedomstyles
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Here’s that new video tutorial for my realistic body amigurumi doll. This pattern is similar to my curvy doll pattern/tutorial, but a bit more advanced.


How to Crochet Spiral Flowers – 10 Petal

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Tiny lil pug pattern!

This is just a little pattern i whipped up inspired by some adorable pictures i saw. 

I used a light tan wool for the body, legs, and tail, and a mid brown wool for the ears. The face is embroidered using brown, pink, and black thread. (feel free to use buttons or felt or improvise for the face if you dont want to embroider though haha) I used a size 3 crochet hook, but a slightly larger hook is also fine.


Body & tail
R1: mc 4 (4)
R2: inc around (8)
R3: *sc, inc* around (12)
R4: *sc2, inc* around (16)
R5: *sc3, inc* around (20)
R6-10: sc around (20)
R11: *dec, sc2* around (15)
R12: *dec, sc* around (10)
(attach legs, stuff)
R13: dec around (5)
R14: slst gap closed, don’t cut wool
Tail (continuing from butt)
R15: ch 5
R16: hdc in 2nd chain from hook back to the body
slst to attach to body
tie off wool end and cut and weave in
attach ears and embroider face

Paws X4
mc 3 (3)
inc around (6)

Ears X2
ch5, turn (do not ch1 when turning)
sc4, turn
sc3, turn
sc2, turn
weave wool tail back through, attach

That’s all there is to it! Go forth and make yourself an adorable lil potato

Please feel free to contact me if you find an error in the pattern.


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