crochet tanks

Handmade knitted crop top…. the only one of this kind that I will be making! It’s on my etsy!!! check it out? <3


Day 6 of 87 in Japan:
I got to experience of the amazing store Axes Femme and Sunshine City in Ikebukuro with some school friends. I will no doubt be wearing my finds in the next few days.

Lastly the latest sketch in my school notebook. A mori girl and what ended up being a bride and groom (though the bride and the groom are not who you’d think they’d be.) (i.e. The bride looks amazing in a tux)

Dress and Skirt: Ali express
Crochet tank: Thrifted

Liar, Liar*Rich Boy AU

Luke Hemmings AU*
writer: Drey

A/N: there will be names in here so if it’s your name, you can change it if you want :) (it’s still a reader insert though)

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“Hey. Hey. Hey, Y/N. Hey.”

You grumbled, annoyed, turning the opposite way, bringing the duvet closer to your face, shielding you from the mysterious finger poking at your cheeks. To your dismay, this person continued. 

“Stop, goddamn,” you muttered in your horrible morning voice, lying on your back, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, only to see your best friend smiling down at you, too enthusiastic at this hour. 

“Dear lord, Syd. Why the fuck did you wake me up?” 

She didn’t answer and laid herself on your still half-asleep figure as she reached over to your window and pulled up the blinds. You hissed at the sudden entrance of light in your once dark room.

“C’mon, you lazy fuck, it’s Monday. Get your ass up,” Sydney commanded, shaking your shoulders, a little too harshly for your liking. You fully opened your eyes, glaring at your best friend who stood happily in front of your clothes in your closet, zipping around grabbing articles of clothing like a bee high on cocaine. It hurt your head just to watch her move.

As Sydney did what she did, you headed over to your bathroom and flinched at the sight in the mirror; your hair looked like a rat slept in it overnight, there were dark bags under your eyes, and your eyes were bloodshot. It looked like a horror movie just waiting to happen.

“Here,” Sydney spoke from behind you as you washed your face, chucking your clothes at you, “Hurry up and get dressed. I bought Macca’s.”

You rose an eyebrow at her. You wiped your face clear of water before putting moisturizer and concealer on your face to hide the blemishes and eye-bags. 

“When did you have time to get Macca’s?” you asked, looking at her through the mirror.

“I couldn’t sleep so I headed out at around 5 and watched you sleep for a good hour and a half but then I got bored so I woke you up.”

You rolled your eyes at your best friend, eyeing the clothes she gave you. You frowned as you looked at the blouse she included.

“Syd, I’m not wearing this,” you told her, walking back into your room and heading to your closet to pick out a different top.

“Why not?”

“We’re going to school, Syd, not a runway fashion show.”

Sydney was always the outgoing-fashionista between the both of you, meaning that she was never afraid to wear what she felt like wearing to school, the place you usually mention as “the equal of satan’s nightclub”. You and Sydney always went shopping together and you had a wardrobe similar to hers, but you just chose to wear the more simple, and to Sydney and the rest of school’s dismay, the more “horrifying” items in your closet. In other words, you always wore your band shirts and sweatshirts paired with the usual torn-up black skinny jeans to school, which apparently is so “appalling”.

“Pleeeeeeeeease,” Sydney pleaded, jutting her lower lip out and widening her eyes, knowing that that was your weakness when it came to Sydney begging. She rarely did unless it had to do with a fashion crisis or dragging you somewhere you’d rather not go to, like a party full of drunk people grinding and the smell of weed.

“Sydney,” you whined, “Don’t pull that face with me.”

“But pLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE,” she begged, stomping her feet like a toddler. You huffed and snatched the blouse back from her and stomped playfully to the bathroom to change. You were tempted to just smack the excited smile that was displayed on her face.


You approached the school’s entrance with Sydney, elbows linked as you both approached your lockers, which, luckily, were right next to each other.

You heard a low whistle from behind you and rolled your eyes. “Damn girl, you look fierce, rawr.”

You turn around to face your other best friend, Casper, as he made cat claws and roared jokingly.

“Stop it, Cas. I don’t wanna hear it. I already had to endure cat-calling from the fucks we call our guy classmates when Syd and I came in,” you murmured, face flushing as stares headed your way. You never dressed like this so of course, people were surprised.

“Doesn’t she look great?” Sydney gushed, positioning herself next to Casper as they stood in front of you. You narrowed your eyes at her as you grabbed your Biology book and closed your locker.

Casper had his finger on his chin as if he was contemplating something. And then he does the unthinkable and waves his finger around in a circling motion.


“Casper-” you groan. He tuts at you and continues moving his finger, signaling for you to turn. You pout angrily and slowly turn, suddenly self-conscious, you fingers playing with the white crochet cropped-tank Sydney made you wear.

“Those light-washed denim jeans make your ass simply fantasstic, y/n. Ugh, I want your body,” Casper says when you finish spinning for him, “And those brown sandals are just- IS THAT A BELLY RING?” 

You jump when Casper bends over and pokes your belly, your face red as he’s eye to eye with your belly.

“WHEN DID YOU GET THIS?” he shrieks, some people in the hallway starting to stare and laugh at Casper’s sudden interest to your belly.

“Just yesterday. I brought her with me when I got my nose pierced,” Sydney explained, “Now stop, you’re attracting attention.”

“Can you lend me your outfit sometime?” Casper asks you. You laugh, eyebrows furrowed in amusement from Casper’s sudden question.

“Your body was made for men’s clothing, Cas, not for women’s clothing. You have muscles for fuck sake’s. You could go ahead and wear women’s clothing but not mine,” you answer.

“Or mine,” Sydney pipes up. Casper huffs, mumbling something along the lines of ‘I didn’t ask for muscle. Fuck my gayness’.

You were about to laugh loudly at Casper’s comment when suddenly the hallway turns silent. You sigh mentally at this daily occurrence. 

The hallways always turned silent when Luke Hemmings graced the hall with his presence.

Luke Hemmings was high school royalty. He was the king, the top monarch in the whole school’s social ladder. Hell, maybe even the city. His family had built a golden empire ever since they had moved here from Australia years back. Their family was a landmark, a golden plaque for the city. They were the reason this former tiny town expanded into a booming city with stockbrokers and investors. They were the reason this place was even on the map.

Luke Hemmings was the youngest of the Hemmings’ line of royalty. He was the one who was to hold the responsibility of the crown once he graduates from college. His two older brothers had strayed, not wanting to take care of the family business when it came to it and instead went their own way finding different lifestyles, so Luke was left with no choice but to take the long-awaiting position.

And with every royal family came a royal court.

Meghan Carson was linked to Luke Hemmings’ arm, obviously proud to show them off. She was, like Luke, teen royalty, her family linked with the Hemmings’ business. Behind the royal couple, were simply Luke’s best mates and Meghan’s gossipy goons. The octet were the school’s VIP and most prized possessions.

As soon as they passed, you and Sydney rolled your eyes and Casper pulled a face of disgust. 

“Such ego,” Casper stated, as the three of you headed down the hallway to your classes.

“Much annoying, very ego,” Sydney giggled, you bursting out in laughter at her meme reference, Casper shaking his head.


You stood on the ladder, running your finger over the various titles, eyes scanning for the perfect book. It was free period, which meant an hour and half of you reading or doing homework in the school’s large library.

You opened a book that fascinated you with its title when you felt eyes piercing your behind.

“I know my ass is amazing but I would appreciate it if you didn’t stare at it like you were gonna devour it any second now,” you retorted, not even bothering to look to see who was staring.

“Can’t deny that.”

You froze. You swore under your breath and quickly turned your head down to see the one and only Luke Hemmings smirking up at you, a few books in his arms. You turned back around and grabbed a random book from the shelf before making your way down the ladder, unfortunately tripping on the last few steps and landing in Luke’s arms as he caught you. You looked up to see a smirk on his perfect face. What the fuck, Y/N.

“Fell for me already, love?” He mused, still holding your figure in his arms. You scoffed, shoving yourself off and walking away to a different shelf nearby to distract yourself.

“Not everyone worships the ground you walk on, you know that right, Hemmings?” you sassed back. 

You grabbed a book and turned to leave when you bumped into his chest as he leaned against the bookshelf. You backed up and stared into his cerulean, blue eyes, scanning his face, trying to read it to figure out why he was bugging you, almost forgetting he was right there.

“Take a picture, love, it’ll last longer,” he mutters with his infamous smirk, his warm breath fanning your face. You smile back at him, sickly, deciding to go along to whatever game he’s trying to  play with you. You look back at him and flutter your eyes, flirtily, catching him off guard with your smirk but he keeps his posture.

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying over the unbearable amount of your ego.”

You throw back a smirk and detour around him, making sure to sway your hips on your way back to your stuff as he watches you. “It’s these damn jeans,” you mutter to yourself setting the books down and resting your chin on your palm. 

As you were staring off into space, Sydney suddenly slides in the empty seat in front of you, a large grin on her face, reminding you faintly of the Joker. She just sits there, silent, while you blink at her confused.


“I’ve been watching you and Luke interact for the past 15 minutes. Tell me everything.”

“Wow, stalker much?”

“Just tell me everything, you asshat.”


On the other side of the library, Luke headed over to his table where his 4 best friends sat, scrambling to make themselves not look like they were watching the short exchange between you two, but Luke wasn’t as dumb as they all assumed.

“Guys, I get it. You saw us,” he chuckled, sitting in his seat across from his pale, dark-haired friend, Michael.

“Who was that? I feel like I’ve never seen her around before,” Michael states, eyeing you from across the library.

“That’s Y/N, stupid,” Calum, captain of the football (soccer) team and Luke’s darker friend, states, “She’s in our AP Lit class. She sits next to you, dude.”

Michael looks bewildered, his eyes widened and lips pouting.

“You mean she’s the chick who looks like she’s on medical help? That Y/N?”

Luke’s much older friend, Ashton, slaps Michael upside the head, frowning at the younger boy’s poor choice of words.

“That’s rude, Mikey,” Ashton states, as Michael glares at him rubbing the back of his head.

“But it’s true.”

“She looks different now, though,” Luke shrugs, looking back at you as you hide your face in your hands as Sydney jumps in her seat.

“A change maybe? I mean it is senior year,” Calum points out. Luke shrugs again, the four of them now turning their attention to you as you sat annoyed at Sydney’s squealing, the librarian coming over to where you sat, shushing you. Luke quietly chuckled when you slapped Sydney’s arm with a piece of rolled up paper, suddenly intrigued by you.

The other three look at each other before looking at Luke while he still watched you, devious smirks on their faces. Luke noticed and sends them confused looks.


“You up for a game?” Michael asks, an almost-evil glint in his eyes. Luke smiles, knowing he could never turn down an offer.

“Game on.”

Well shit, that sucked, but in all honesty it’s better than the first version of rich boy luke. I hope this was better for you guys. Part 2?????? (I’m writing it anyways - I just wanna see if you guys agree. Feedback is appreciated :))

Part II

anonymous asked:

hi, do you know any nymphet-esque clothes but also somewhat bohemian/hippie/60s/70s? thank you soo much :)

There is tons of bohemian/70s nyphet-esque stuff from freepeople  etsymodclothnastygal & wildfox but here are some others I like…


Nevada Embroidered Babydoll Dress

Boho Spirit Off-Shoulder Frill Hem Dress




Ecote Kylie Pieced Jersey Circle Skirt





Willow Gypsy Top

Scalloped Lace Bustier


Free People ‘Prairie’ Ruffle Crochet Trim Crop Tank

Speak Now Crop Top


Odette Top

Piera Crochet Top




also check here too :) <3

anonymous asked:

any good nymphet-ish clothing at rue21, and pacsun? btw utterly adore your account! appreciate the work you put into it < 33 x

Hi, Thank you so much lovely. I have a small list of pacsun clothes here that I just updated for you and I’ll list some clothes I like from rue21 below


Tanks Crochet Tiered Babydoll Cami

Bow Back Babydoll Tank

Cropped Mexicali Crop Peasant Top

Daisy Crop Swing Tank

Lace Crop Peasant Top

Flower Ruffle Crop Top

Smock Crop Peasant Top

Lace Ruffle Peasant Top

Candy Crop Swing Tank

Daisy Trim Slub Cami

Short sleeve Lace Smock Peasant Top

Button Back Lace Babydoll Top

Basic Ditzy Heart Tank

Polka Dot Double Scoop Neck Top

Floral Double Scoop Neck Top

Lipstick Kiss Tank

Casual Little Mermaid Slash Back Tee

Disney Princess Slash Back Tee

Ariel Dip Dye Fringe Tee

Daisy Heart Bow Back Dolman Top

Little Mermaid Hoodie

Minnie Mouse Lace Back Tank


Daisy High Waisted Denim Shorts

Crochet Scoop Denim Shorts in black and white

8-Button High Waisted Shorts in Blue polka dots

Daisy Pocket Cutoff Denim Shorts

Crochet Front Denim Shorts in light blue

Daisy Cutoff Denim Shorts

Heart Pocket Cutoff Denim Shorts

Anchor Ruffled Shorts in navyblack floral, black polka dot

Polka Dot Bow Ruffled Shorts


Bow Front Scuba Skater Skirt

Color Block Skater Skirt


Crop Top Daisy Dress 2fer

Ruffled V-Neck Dress

Crop Top Dress 2fer

Crochet Waist Skater Dress

Printed Bib Front Skirtall

Floral Chiffon Skirtall


Polka Dot Cropped Bustier with Polka Dot Skater Skirt

This Crochet Top from Urban Outfitters Will Complete Any Outfit


Well, we found it. This Starting At Stars Tunnel Crochet-Trim Tank Top is going to be your go-to top this summer. It’s fake crop top style means that you can wear it with just about anything, without feeling super-exposed in the midriff area.

The delicate crochet detailing is pretty and feminine, which means you can wear it with a pleated skirt, leather shorts, OR skinny jeans. 

EVEN BETTER, it comes in multiple colors (pale pink, black, navy, white and blue floral). 

Check out more details and where to buy it here


By: Grecia

Author’s Note: I recently had the chance to interview the lovely blogger behind the blog christiescloset. She is one of the biggest rising fashion icons, that you have probably seen while scrolling down your tumblr dashboard. We sparked up some questions for her, check out the interview below! Much Love xx 

What inspired you to begin posting your own pictures and start blogging? 

To be honest, I had no intentions on starting a fashion blog, all I had in mind was that I was going to post pictures that I took, more as a photo diary…its so weird, its like it happened over night and all the sudden I found myself posting ‘ootds’ and people asking questions..and before I knew it, it became the place where I put all my personal photographs and fashion inspirations. I’ve always been obsessed with fashion, but I never thought I could start my own blog dedicated to it! It’s insane, and totally unplanned, but I am so happy it worked out that way. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Hm…its such a mixture, its almost annoying! I wish I had a clear-cut style…but I guess when it comes down to it I really lean towards grungy yet simple staple items, then add boho/indie details. 

Favorite songs at the moment?

 I’ve been listening to ‘Just One Day’ by the Mighty Oaks in the car nonstop, that’s a song you want to drive to…and then there’s ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ by the Wombats, ‘Old One’ by Kids of Adelaide, ‘Stolen Dance’ by Milky Chance, and ‘Undo’ by the 1975…1975 always has to be on the list.

What does fashion mean to you? 

Fashion…its how everyone presents themselves…whether they’re into it or not, and whether someone might admit or not, its the first thing that anyone physically see’s in another. It’s all about representing you and what you’re into, and I love that. Everyone has a different style, different look, different preferences…it literally makes the world go round. And to think that there is always something different and new coming up…it’s a beautiful thing!

What are your must haves this season? 

I have been so into hats lately, I feel like I’m that crazy hat lady, not even kidding. I’ve been wearing tons of simple dresses, boho flowy pants, crop tops, crochet bralettes, graphic tanks, ripped jeans, and hats (of course).

What are your aspirations for the future? 

I just want to be happy, really. I get so intimidated just thinking about the future…whatever happens will happen. Of course I would hope that big things will happen and I work with fashion the rest of my life, but only time will tell. 

What do you love most about being a blogger? 

It’s so amazing that people are interested in what I wear, to the point where they ask me questions and follow me and what not, I can’t wrap my head around it to this day hahaha…but its just so great to hear from everyone and listen to what they have to say and answer their questions…its literally the least I could do, and its just so cool to be able to talk to so many people, I love it. 

Favorite quote? 

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.”

What kind of advice would you give someone who is afraid/insecure of expressing their personal style? 

You don’t want to look back on life and be like ‘wow, I wish I wore what I want and didn’t conform to a person’ because the worst thing is to have regrets like that…and now is the time to do exactly what you want; we are young, we are free, and people are so much more receptive to others who just express themselves, especially nowadays! Overall if you’re scared, conquering that fear will be so worth it, you won’t even think twice about what you’re doing. You will feel so much more confident in being you, I promise, it might be a little different at first…but when you’re strutting your stuff in an outfit you love and feel comfortable in, you’ll feel on top of the world. And you do that just once, you will not be afraid to do it again. 

Social media sites? 

Instagram: @cctylr. Tumblr: christiescloset. Twitter:  @cctylr. Blogspot: Youtube: ‘rosykid’. 

Boudoir Behavior 

5 ways to wear undergarments outside the bedroom 

Looks like there’s a new way to wear your nightwear - we dare you to bare! From recent street style moments at Spring 2015 Fashion Week to red carpet-ready looks on the hottest celebs like Rihanna and Anne Hathaway, see how the style pros wear their lingerie in public. With our five handy tips below, take notes and take risks.

We dare you to bare!

1. Peek-A-Boo 

When wearing a sheer top, don’t look for a camisole or tank to wear underneath. Let your bra peek through for an instantly chic and sexy approach to layering with lacy fabrics.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 street style

Curtsy Lace Top

Camilla Lace Bralette

Crochet Lace Tank

2. Inside Out

Who ever said your bra has to go under your top? With the ever-so-popular leather bralettes, why hide your undergarment’s edge when you can wear it over a shirt for a unique, head-turning look? Grab your go-to white tee and place your bra on top for an interesting take on exposing your lingerie.

Georgia Tal at New York Fashion Week Spring 2015

Stretch Leather Bralette

After Party Vintage Essential Tee

T by Alexander Wang Bonded Nappa Leather Bralette

3. Bra Top

If you thought the ‘90s were on their way out, guess again. Rihanna shows us that the decade’s back in full force, wearing a bra top, and, well, that’s it. To get her look, forget about the layers on top and just bare all. You know you only live once, right? So, be bold!

Rihanna at the launch of her new men’s fragrance, Rogue, wearing Adam Selman.

One-Shoulder Bra Top

Navigli Zip Bralette Top

Duffy Square Crop Top

4. Slip Dress

Your slip dress isn’t just meant for lounging around the house. This season, go slinky and silky in a floor-length slip dress a la Anne Hathaway. It’s classic, chic and ultra comfortable. 

Anne Hathaway at the L.A. premiere of Interstellar wearing a midnight blue Richard Nicoll slip dress. 

Crushed-velvet slip dress

Slip Maxi

Petite Beaded Avery Slip Dress

5. Sports Bra

Wear an open blazer or button-up over a sports bra for a sporty, modern look. Yes, it’s risqué, but we like!

MIlan Fashion Week Spring 2015

Annina Mislin at NYFW SS15

Lux Ponte Sports Bra With T Elastic

Pro Fierce mesh-trimmed stretch-jersey sports bra

'Pro Classic’ Dri-FIT Padded Sports Bra