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Knitting Achievement Unlocked: Tiny Duplicate Stitch (That doesn’t look crappy)

Decided todo the hood details(unpictured) as a chain stitch using a crochet hook because the symbols just didn’t look as good after re-charting them smaller.

If anyone wants to attempt doing duplicate stitch on a piece of tiny knitting(esp on dark yarn) a 3in embroidery hoop helps a lot.

Crochet symbols, charts, & diagrams.

Reading crochet patterns can be tough sometimes, but learning to understand a pattern without words & strictly by symbols & charts are is even harder.

Last night I bought amigurumi patterns off the internet knowing that the patterns were not written, but off of charts & diagrams. To top it off, the pattern is in Japanese! I don’t speak Japanese, nor can I read or understand crochet symbols & charts. BUT, being that it was on sale (I’m a sucker for bargain-priced anything) & I do like a challenge, I purchased the books.

The symbols, charts, & diagrams makes absolutely no sense to me! But for the past half and hour or so, I’ve been reading up on japanese-english symbol translations, crochet symbols, & how to read charts & I’m learning… slowly but surely to read the charts.

I can’t wait to figure this out! It would be cool to look at a crochet pattern with no words, but symbols & charts & actually get it! 


*Also, if you guys have any helpful tips on how to read japanese crochet patterns, or crochet symbols in general, please let me know! :)

External image

^Here’s an example of a japanese crochet pattern (found on the internet). After reading translations and basic crochet symbols, I was actually able to understand it. KUDOS TO ME! :)