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Hi bookish friends! If you didn’t know, I have an Etsy and I just put these Harry Potter house scarves up on there. Feel free to check them out and get one for yourself or a friend if you’d like :) I make every scarf so you can feel the love from me when you wear it 💕

Another Punny Short Story

So this lady was driving down the highway crocheting as she drove. A highway patrolman noticed her and began pursuit. He drove up next to her car, rolled down his window and said,“pull over!” She replied,“ no it’s a scarf.


So this is the finished version of the hood (with built-in scarf) I crocheted for my grandma. It’s from the book Cold Weather Crochet, it’s called “Green Mountain Spinnery Hooded Scarf”. I got the yarn (a sheep/alpaca wool blend) from a local yarn store, and the yarn itself is local to New England. It’s similar in color to the example shown in the book. It’s strange that it’s called a “hooded scarf”, I’d call it more of a “scarfed hood”, in that it seems more like a hood with a scarf attached than a scarf with a hood attached.

The yarn is 50% sheep wool 50% alpaca wool yarn called Owl, by quince&co (color: cilantro), it says hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.


Yaassssssss tiny tiny projects that I can finish around deadlines! 

That gigantic beast of a monster scarf up there is going to be my bff this winter, I can feel it. I made it with 2lb of mill ends yarn so unfortunately I know nothing about it aside from the fact that it’s acrylic. If anyone thinks it looks familiar and could point me in the direction of a brand, I’d love to buy it on the reg.

That thing only took an hour to make.

Striped scarf is a pansexual pride flag scarf for my actual BFF o-kaykay because it's really bitter cold over there in the winters. Enjoy it, gorgeous! 


Knowing I would be bored to near death flying to and from Chicago alone, I decided to design (and complete!) a scoodie. It’s a shame I don’t get to keep it for myself because it’s super warm and soft. 

From start to finish it took about six hours which surprised me considering I had to frog the hood about 3 times. :3 


My niece graduated from High School so I made her up this super adorable Watermelon Triangle Scarf, but I have to wait until her party to give it to her. :( 

So…. I had fun with it because it’s going to be hard to let it go. I will be cleaning up the pattern for it though & putting it to Ravelry soon. :)

Guys! I started an Etsy shop!

I’ve been crocheting off the hook lately (haha,crochet joke) and I love it! I’m not about to stop any time soon, and I love knowing the things I make are making others feel good, so Etsy seemed like the obvious choice. When I put on something beautiful I made with my own two hands or made by someone I love, I feel empowered to do crazy beautiful things with my life. I want to spread this feeling of wide open doors by spreading these awesome creations.

Like what you see above? The scarf and mittens are both my own original patterns, and are my pride and joy. There are a couple more items listed on the site, and more coming!

Check it out and tell me what you think. Feedback very, very welcome! And this month, if you see something you like, use coupon code “tumblrjan14” and I’ll give you a 10% discount!

xo Carmen