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Heya! I am a mentally ill dude who needs money for doctors visits and food and stuff like that! I would love to buy christmas presents for the bf but I can’t even. pay for my doctors rn…….

I can do either pixel art or crochet/knit plushies/etc!

I take payment with paypal (which is lferg92 at gmail). You can hit me up via ask, IM, or email. IM or email (lferg92 at gmail again) is preferred, asks aren’t as easy to keep a clear conversation.  All prices are in USD.

The pixel art prices are based on 50x50 sprites with the exception of the card; obviously larger pixel art will cost more!  These are just EXAMPLES! If you want something less or more, feel free to hmu!
I will also do spritesheets! Rpgmaker style sprite sheets are $25, I do discounts for multiple spritesheets.

If you maybe want a physical plushie of your original chara (or whatever), hmu and I might be able to make your dream a huggable reality! (I can crochet things as small as keychains up to a couple feet tall!) I have an etsy shop here you can check out for examples of stuff I can do and approximate pricing.
I can also crochet/knit things like custom hats, scarves, you name it.The plushies shown are about 10 inches (25 cm) tall and would cost about $20, not including shipping. 

As always signal boosts are super appreciated!!!


We’re back! 

A lot has gone on this last year, a lot of hardships and family issues that kept me from crocheting but we finally moved from Hawaii to Maryland and I decided to get back to thing that I loved. Starting small and with a friend pregnant and due any time now, I decided to crochet these cute, nerdy baby blankets (or “loveys” since they are part stuffed animal.)

I plan to crochet Pokemon again very soon but right now I’m working on a huge project for my husband and I cannot wait to share that with you guys. I promise it is Pokemon related!

You can once more check out the shop and remember I always welcome custom orders, whether it be hats, blankets or plushies!


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