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Neko Atsume Crochet Pattern To Come!

Sadly my time being out of state is coming to an end. So instead of putting on my sad kitty face, I’m going to stay super distracted by resuming on making crochet patterns and orders. c:

In saying this, I will be working on a surprise cat from the game Neko Atsume into a pattern, so I hope you all are excited!


Amigurumi Lamb

This little lamb is now selling on Etsy

You can buy the finished lamb, or the amigurumi pattern both in the shop. 

The lamb is made mostly with loop stitches cut into fur. I always thought it was a fun and easy crochet project and wanted to turn it into a pattern to share. If you do purchase a pattern, I’d love to see your results! Feel free to send photos to You may be featured!
Pattern Only! Harvest Moon Crochet Blanket
Here is the pattern for my Harvest Moon crochet blanket :) It took me around 4-5 months (with a lot of breaks) to finish, and was a lot of fun! Start today to have it finished in time for winter :) The pattern is in PDF format, you can print it out to work from. It has grid lines to make it easier to read (cross off lines as you finish them) This was made with dk yarn, and a 4.5mm crochet hook. You will need... Dk yarn 4.5mm crochet hook yarn needle If you dont wont to spend time making the back of your work neat, you can back it with fabric (i choose felt for this) I dont have a full list of colours and amounts of yarn used (it all came from my yarn stash) but if i can remember right you will need... 3 x 100g of yellow (or whatever colour you want the ground to be) 2 x 100g green 100g light brown 100g brown 100g dark brown 2 x 100g Black 100g dark gray 100g dark green 100g dark red 50g light blue 50g dark blue 50g nude 50g red 50g white 50g a darker yellow then the ground small amounts of... orange pink light red/dark pink pink I know it seems a lot but i got all my yarn 3 for 2 at hobbycraft and cost about £30 to make :) Also.... There are so many different colours in harvest moon, with the different seasons and times of day that you do not have to follow the colours i have used. e.g if winter was your favorite season and you want your blanket to look like that, find a picture online and use those colours :)

Pattern now for sale on etsy :)