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Last 3 days of Ace LA’s fund drive

Hi, everyone! Ace Los Angeles is in the last 3 days of our fund drive. We have made our goal, so thank you so much! The extra will help cover our fees to Generosity and any additional outreach opportunities that might come up. We still have some rewards that have not been claimed: Twitter shout-outs, Ask Me Anythings, cosplay prints and a crochet lesson, so grab one for yourself or a family member or friend!


Whew! My pastel Animal Crossing bell pouch is finished! This was pretty easy to do, and while it has a lot of slouch, it starts to hold pretty well when you have enough stuff in it. After I took these shots I ended up putting 2 more 3DSes (N3DS and small normal 3DS) in there along with the one above, and it all fits well! :) (Though, it is a bit of weight if I take it with me I’m just going to hold 1 in it if I travel with it.)

If you want to make your own, check out below the cut what I did! I use the US lingos for crochet and I’m aware it’s different in the UK, but I’ll be providing videos so if anything we’ll probably be on the same page.

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Knitpool's Guide to Knitting - Collected Tutorials

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Lesson 2 - Needles
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Lesson 4 - Knitting vs. Crochet

Volume 2 - Yarn

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