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Worked up in a colorful combination of chevron stripes and granny chevron stripes, this blanket is sure to bring brightness to any home. Perfect for babies, laps, and decorating. Also perfect for gift-giving or gift-keeping! Made of 16 sections of crocheted chevron stripes, this blanket features four colors of light purple, pastel pink, light grey, and cream. Crocheted with soft, warm acrylic yarn this blanket measures approximately 51 x 38 (129cm x 96cm). ♡ Custom color orders available upon request with an additional $5 fee. If you would like a custom order, please choose the custom colors option from the drop down and include the colors you would like in the notes to seller, making sure to specify the four colors you would like. ♡ Please allow up to 3 weeks for your blanket to be created. ♡ If youd like a larger sized blanket, please inquire before purchase as there will be an additional fee (dependent upon how large you would like it). ♡ Created in a smoke-free, pet-friendly environment. ************************************************************* Want to make your own blanket? Find the pattern here! return to the shop!

This lovely blanket is available for purchase, and if you’re a crocheter, the pattern is also available for you to make your own! <3


..making some candy cane Christmas decorations 🎅🎄 by Momou crochet


You pounded on the door, trying not to yell since you were in the hallway of your apartment building and didn’t want to wake anyone. 

But, then again, nobody could be awake with the noise coming from the apartment of Dean Winchester. 

In the midst of your knocking, the door opened as Dean rolled his eyes. “What now, Y/n?” He asked, giving you the same look that was on the face of any single guy you saw, the look of pure annoyance.

“Would ya turn it down?! It’s three in the morning and some of us are trying to sleep! I like Zepp too, but I am trying to sleep so shut the hell up!”

Your yelling alongside Dean’s music drew neighbors into the hallway to watch the scene unfold. 

Dean scoffed and ran a hand through his hair. “Fine, whatever. Just go home and crochet yourself a birdbath or whatever the hell it is you do over there.”

“Thank you!” You were ecstatic and in your moment of pure joy, you pressed a kiss to Dean’s cheek as your neighbors congratulated you on winning the war against the obnoxious music.

But what you didn’t see was the blush rising to Dean’s cheeks as he went into his apartment to do as he was told. 

jehan and eponine share a loft together, along with two black cats and a sphynx cat named equinox, sable, and opaline. opaline wears itchy orange and yellow sweaters made by jehan and eponine hangs black gossamer in front of the windows and jehan is constantly burning incense. there’s crystals on the windowsill and an old birds nest in the edges of the flower box outside their window that’s been there for years now and sometimes they dance to jehan’s fiddle playing or eponine’s flute and they live in their little home together where jehan crochets covers for the sofas and eponine eats strawberries perched on the edge of the table and they’re both happy in each others company 


Robbie sure loves his candy! He doesn’t go anywhere without it.

This villain number one plush is available on my etsy for the low price of $25 for the first 10. So jump on your chance to get one for yourself or a friend!

This is for all you awesome fans out there!

Depression fueled laziness is also a piss because I have skills that I could use to earn some money. I can knit, crochet, do minor home repairs, sew though I’m not particularly good at sewing…

Except, I don’t want to.