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today consisted of eating blueberries and starting a new crochet project 🌿

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My mom is going to replace her fish tank with a dry one and put a bunch of Magikarp in it!
See the pattern for how to crochet a Magikarp here!

Hi bookish friends! If you didn’t know, I have an Etsy and I just put these Harry Potter house scarves up on there. Feel free to check them out and get one for yourself or a friend if you’d like :) I make every scarf so you can feel the love from me when you wear it 💕

bugdaboss  asked:

Ok so hi! Um…I'm a 14 year old Christian who wants to be a witch, but I don't know how I can get stuff for spells and I don't want my family to know…got any advice?

Hey there!! And welcome to the witchy family! I apologize this has taken so long, I just wanted to make sure I gave you plenty of info! I’m so happy to hear from fellow young christowitches. I’m a closet witch too, so my best advice to you is: EXCUSES AND CRAFTS.

You can make all your witchy things right at home!! But you’ll need some excuses because unfortunately “for my witchcraft” doesn’t alwayst go over well. XD

Heres a few things you might like to do that are easy,


You can create jar spell and call them “decorative”.  That also makes them fantastic for gifts to others as well!!


I bought loads of unpolished crystal arrangements on amazon for super cheap, and made my own witchy jewelry! You can wear them according to their magickal correspondence everyday! But everyone else won’t know it’s more than an interest!


Herbs!!! There is probably a good amount right in your kitchen! Picking up baking as a “hobby” makes its easier to get new herbs and essentials by saying they’re for a “new recipe”. Cooking/bake with intent is a wonderful every day crafting. You can even leave a little food on your plate as a spirit offering.


Tea has all kinds of magickal properties- drinking is beyond casual. You could also get tea leaves/grains (without the bags) and practice tasseomancy (tea leave/grain divination)

Stir things sunwise for positive energy. (Stir opposite for enemies :P )


This was one of my main problems I faced. How the heck do i cast a circle in a carpeted house?! Answer: Crocheting!!! Crochet a long line of whatever color you choose (remember  color correspondence!) And boil it in water infused with salt (and any herbs you’d like)


You can literally do this at anytime. Stay grounded, stay in the moment, take a little to check in with yourself and the energies around you. If you actually have time to set aside for meditation, fantastic! Its a very healthy thing for your body and mind, which I think is a plenty good excuse.


Who doesn’t love good smells?? You can buy essential oils and incenses with the excuse being because they’re more natural than those plug-ins.


My grimiore is a spiral notebook. It looks like a regular notebook, I carry it around with me everywhere. When someone asks, i say it’s because i like to write and draw. Which is completely true! You don’t have to have a rune-inscribed, leather bound, aged book for your magick to be real!! Its no less powerful than any other book. Its yours!


This is the era of tech witches!! Witches use whats at their disposal. There are loads of apps, daily horoscopes, tarot, rune divination, moon phases, oils, candle, digital altars & grimiores , calendars,.. just about everything!!


I constantly make sigils for anything and everything. They look like beautiful designs. You can draw them on you; if you wear makeup you can draw them on with that and then rub it right into your skin. You can draw them with chalk outside, you can draw them in the corner of your test, they work literally everywhere for everything!! If you want them to be secret, lemon juice is a fantastic invisible ink as is white chalk on white walls, dew on Windows, steam on mirrors after a shower ect.


I have a vase in my room, and when I see an herb or flower I’d like to use for crafting I pick it and put it there. It just seems I like flowers, but the flower will die and dry up. You can also put them between the pages of big books to press them! Then there you have it!!


You can make your own!! I say it’s a craft/hobby, you can infuse it with oils and herbs and flowers ect and carve things into them!! These are amazing personalized helpful gifts as well.

You can also get tea lights or birthday candles because they’re smaller, come in colors, and theres also battery powered versions.


A casual compact mirror you can take with you anywhere is easiest to use. you can use a dry erase marker to write on it so it wipes off clean and quick!!


Find a cool rock, KEEP IT. You can paint sigils on it, use it in spells, charge them with specific intent, make a pendulum, ect.


Charge and sigil everything!! Mirrors, hair brush, makeup, lotion, perfume/colognes, soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, ..literally anything works!!


Buy a green wallet for wealth. Wear a blue shirt for your job interview. Buy a yellow school binder for success. Wear something pink to family gatherings for positive family relations, ect.


Research research research! Learn all you can. If a recipe calls for an herb you’ve never heard of, look it up. If you find a rock or crystal, try and identify it. Explore your craft and it’s history, and find friends on the way!!


Make everything your own!! This is your craft, do it your way! There is no such thing as wrong. We all have magick, embrace yours !

I hope this helps some, happy crafting!! ☽○☾ - M


Since Halloween is coming and I’ll be visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in December, I’m crocheting a bunch of Hogwarts house scarves for myself and close friends. <3

In saying that, I whipped up a pattern for it in under 5 minutes, so this pattern is for free of course! It’s also great for beginners starting out. Share pictures of your house scarves if you decide to make yours!

fun fact: V knits. he knits a lot and all the time and sometimes he messes up and doesn’t realize it for hours and has to start over but that’s becoming rarer and rarer. he knitted matching gloves, hats, scarves, and sweaters for Zen, MC, and himself and he even crocheted doilies for the house.

3 more fluffy headcanons for @dairxoxo

1. Aaron doesn’t like pictures of himself, ever. So most of the photos on Roberts phone are images he caught when Aaron wasn’t looking. Side on, profile, concentrating on the telly. One day when scrolling through them he finds one he doesn’t recognise, Aaron taking a selfie on his phone, and it makes Robert melt.

2. Aaron comes home to the Mill one day, finding a strange addition to the house. A crocheted blanket that matches none of the décor on the back of the sofa. “What…?” he asks Robert.
“Diane,” he says. “Housewarming gift. It reminds me of home,” he adds softly, under his breath, fingers stroking the blanket gently. “My mum had one just like this.” And after that it’s not like Aaron could argue it, even if he wanted to. Aaron loves that Robert now sometimes speaks about his family, his upbringing where before it was such a “don’t touch” subject.

3. Robert reads, a lot. He also reads with glasses on, in bed late at night. He’s needed them for years, but Aaron’s the first lover he’s ever allowed to see him like this. He doesn’t mind Aaron seeing him with his reading glasses on, knowing that in fifty years, needing glasses in his thirties won’t even make it onto the radar.