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Guardians of the galaxy full set of amigurumi style PDF crochet patterns inspired by guardians of the galaxy
Peter Quill - Starlord Groot Rocket the Racoon Yondu Gamora Nebula Mantis Drax Inspired by Guardians of the galaxy By Liz Ward – Amigurumi barmy Skill level: intermediate Time: 3-4 hours each Size: 12x7cm Tension: Tension is not critical for this amigurumi Available in US and UK abbreviations This is an instant download PDF crochet pattern for all eight patterns Basic crochet skills required. Pattern includes chain stitch, single (US)/double crochet (UK), working in the round, increasing and decreasing. Printer friendly pattern includes photos and full written instructions to create a finished doll *************************************************************************** Given the nature of patterns, no refunds/exchanges will be accepted after the pattern has been sent. Please do not share or copy my patterns. You may make as many finished products using this pattern as youd like. If you want to sell your finished product, please credit me for the pattern and link back to my site.

Hello lovely,

I want to offer you some encouragement. Sometimes, you might get busy with your mundane life, and feel like you’re ignoring your practice/witchy skills/deities etc. I just want you to know that literally everyone goes through this, sometimes for months at a time. And if you’re conscious that you’re not practicing/honouring as much as you’d like to be, that’s not ignoring. You’re thinking about it, and that’s great!

All people go through times when they don’t practice a skill or work on a hobby, or even worship their God(s)/deities. I didn’t pick up my crochet project for two months, haven’t touched a paint brush in a year or so, It’s been a few weeks since I worked with tarot, and I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been active on here for a while.. but that doesn’t make me any less of a crochet geek/artist/witch/witchy blogger. 

Instead of focusing on what you /haven’t/ been doing, try to see what other things you’ve been doing, improving on or focusing on in that time. I may not have read any cards, but I have studies more herbal medicine. I may not have touched a crochet hook, but I have started cleaning a bit more often. I may not have touched a paint brush, but I have taken quiet time to myself and started planting and garden planning.

And even if you can’t possibly see any good things you’ve done while not practicing your craft, skill or hobby… if it feels like you’ve done absolutely nothing productive.. That’s okay too.  I know it’s not fun, and it’s easy to get so frustrated with yourself that you shut down..just know that you’re not alone and if you need a boost in the right direction, there’s a whole lovely community of us to help you out. If you don’t have the energy to do much of anything, ask a fellow witch to perform a motivational spell for you, or ask their cards what you can do to get you moving. 

I’m always here to listen, and help in any way I can. 


This little Ood dude is completely red eye free. Got to love the Ood!

This Ood is approximately 5 and half inches tall and 3 inches fat. He’s perfect to adorn a cubicle or desk. This Ood was crocheted with acrylic yarn and filled with non-allergenic polyester fiberfill and poly pellets (so he won’t topple over).

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