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Chandelure! <3

A crochet projekt for a friend!<3 Thanks to for inspiration and tecniques on how to ‘fluff’ up the yarn;D It sure made the flames come out nicely!

Winery Shenanigans (7/11/2015)

What a beautiful autumn day we had! Started out with a lovely sunrise on our private deck (above).

Following a delicious and filling breakfast at our B&B, we headed into town to check out a large antiques store. We didn’t buy anything but had a great time just wandering through and looking at everything. Sherlock tried out this mid-1950s microscope but decided it wasn’t worth the pricetag.

I found myself more intrigued with the old typwriters, but unfortunately lack the manual dexterity to work any of them.

After that, we headed to the Mount Pleasant winery for a tasting, which went to my head pretty quickly! They didn’t allow outside food at theirs, and we’d brought cheese and summer sausage, so we ambled on to the Augusta winery. Sampled some more sweet wines there, found two that we could agree upon that were inexpensive, and took our bottles, cheese and sausage to their outdoor wine garden. I even surprised Sherlock with some chocolate covered strawberries, which he pretended not to be excited about, but the empty container tells a different tale (I’ve got the last of them in my lap in this picture):

We had supper at a lovely little local place and then it was back to the room for another swim in the tub and a cuddle in front of the fire. All in all, a wonderful day.

- JW


The lovely lady of the Avengers!  Black Widow! I finished her a while back but was too lazy to take pictures and such, I have yet to tuck in all the strings. ^^; She is one of my favs so far!

She measures 60x24.75 inches.

Tri-color shawls are: $160 plus shipping. When done tucking, she’ll be on Etsy.