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I crocheted the mask with a size 11 hook and two strands of dmc floss, the cuff is felt, cut to size and quilted over with a Zelda fabric. I cut out just the link panels and lined them up side by side. I tacked it down throughout all of the black lines. The clasp was also crocheted and I used beads I was lucky enough to have in the perfect color combo to keep it closed.

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[1.1] What’s that?

[2.1] It’s a hat.

[1.2] You’re making a hat?

[2.2] Crocheting. Keeps the mind off things, keeps the hands steady. You don’t do anything like that? Y’know…create something? Instead of just destroy it?

[1.3] Buddy, when you’re as good at destroying stuff as I am, you don’t need much else.

[2.3] Right. Each his own, then.

[1.4] Gotta say, this is kinda surprising coming from someone who spends most of his time punching aliens. You don’t even have anyone to give gifts to.

[2.4] Don’t have to give ‘em away if I don’t want to. It’s more like - it’s more like I’m making armor. For things that I want to protect.

[1.5] That’s not going to stop a bullet.

[2.5] It’s a metaphor, you pylon. I thought Hunters were clever.

[1.6] I think the word you’re looking for is “pragmatic.”


[1.7] It means sensible.

[2.6] I know what it means! Anyway, I crochet something for all the stuff I care about.

[1.8] Ah. I wondered about your collection of hat-wearing rocks.

[2.7] One from each planet. And now I’m pretty good at making hats.


[1.9] And you - I mean, it makes a difference? Makes you feel good?


[2.8] More’n that. It almost - it almost makes me feel alive.



[2.9] Here, it’s done. Happy Dawning - the hat’s for you. Make sure you keep your head attached to your neck.

Harvest moon crochet blanket finished! :)

Has taken about 4-5 months and has been so fun to make and see the picture building with each line. I love it! I made the picture and turned it into the pattern myself.
It is done using a uk 4.5mm hook, dc stitch.
All the yarn I used was from Hobbycraft, the wi yarn and hayfield bonus dk.
There are 51,060 stitches in total!

Harvest moon on the snes was one of the first games I remember playing, I used to play it for hours, and is still one of my favourite games today :)

I will post a video on YouTube of this from start to finish. If anyone want to get in contact with me please email

Crochet/Knitting Ask Game!

If one of these already exists, I haven’t seen one. So I figured, why not?


1.     How did you first learn your craft?

2.     How old were you when you first learned to craft?

3.     What was the first project you completed?

4.     What would you like to make next?

5.     Do you use stitch markers?

6.     Do you watch or listen to anything while you craft?

7.     What aspect of your craft is the most challenging to you?

8.     Which of your past projects are you the most proud of?

9.     How long have you been crafting?

10. Where do you usually buy your yarn?

11. Are you a yarn snob?

12. What was the last yarn you purchased?

13. What is the last crafting related purchase you made?

14. How often do you keep a project you’ve made?

15. What is your workspace like?

16.  Where do you do most of your crafting?

17. How would you describe your crafting style?

18. What aspect of your craft would you most like to improve?

19. What tool or accessory would you like to acquire next?

20. How big is your yarn stash?

21. How often do you knit/crochet?

22. Do you always have a project in mind when you buy yarn?

23. Do you find any crafting tools to be overrated?

24. When you want to learn a new stitch, how do you go about it?

25. Do you have a devoted yarn bag?

26. Does anyone else in your family crochet/knit?

27. How do you store your yarn stash?


28. What are your current WIPs?

29. Do you have any projects currently in time out?

30. Which WIP have you been working on the longest?

31. Where do you store your WIPs?

32. What was the last project you had to frog? Why?

33. What is the most frustrating experience you’ve had with a project? 

Have you ever…?

34. Sold your work?

35. Finished a full sized blanket?

36. Had an interesting interaction with a stranger for crafting in public?

37. Had a household member complain about the size of your yarn stash?

38. Been to a crocheting/knitting club or circle?

39. Written a pattern to share with others?

40. Purchased yarn only to decide you hated it?

41. Bought craft supplies in bulk?

42. Participated in a crochet/knit along?

43. Completed a year-long project? (Mood blanket, temperature blanket, etc)

This or that?

44. Knitting, crocheting, or both?

45. Patterns or improvise?

46. Stick to one project or keep multiple going at once?

47. Wind new yarn or leave it as is?

48. Buy supplies online or in person?

49. Make gauge swatches or hope for the best?


50. Hook/needle size?

51. Yarn you’ve worked with

52. Stitch?

53. Yarn weight to work with?

54. Craft-related gift you’ve received?

55. Type of project to crochet/knit?

56. Crafting accessory?

57. Online supply store?

58. In-Person supply store?

59. Yarn brand?

60. Place for patterns?

61. Hook/needle brand?

Social media:

62. Do you have any social media accounts just for your craft?

63. Do you post WIPs on social media or just the finished products?

64. If someone asked you to recommend other crafting blogs, which would you recommend?

Post a photo of…?

65. Your yarn stash

66. One of your WIPs

67. A finished project

68. Your craft space

69. Your collection of hooks/needles

70. Your first project (or earliest you have a photo of)

71. Yourself!


Here it is at last, the thing that took up most of my free time these past few weeks and the reason I haven’t been posting much art. My mind control beanie!!

I’m so happy to have finally finished it, and I’m pretty proud with how it turned out. Just in time for fall!