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5 times Cas was confused by his neighbor and 1 time he wasn't

“Shit! Fuck–fucking goddamn it. Fuck!”

He wouldn’t have heard it if the window in his kitchen wasn’t open and he wasn’t at the sink washing his hands right at that very moment. As it happens, it was and he was, and so he easily caught the image of his new neighbor across the street–his face 100 percent covered in black soot as he ran out of his garage and into his front yard where he shook off his leather gloves and cursed up at the sky. Before Cas could even think about shouting to ask what’s wrong, the man turned back into his garage and shut it behind him.

Well all right then.

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Tales from a renfaire kids’ games booth, day 2:

  • One of the vendor kids wears a different hand crocheted Disney princess outfit every day. Last year when she was a baby I spent a long time unsuccessfully trying to teach her how to blow bubbles. This year she’s 2 ½ years old and can blow bubbles better than most adults I know
  • One of the goblets for our ring toss had a broken base, and it had originally been hot glued back together, but was falling apart again. Yesterday toddlers kept bringing it to me distressedly telling me that they broke it, and I had to assure them that no, it was like that. Today I glued it back together first thing in the morning, and bubble princess was very pleased
  • Asked a little girl in an Aurora dress who her favorite princess was. Her response was “all of them”. Me too, kid, me too.
  • Despite having less patrons than yesterday, we somehow made more tips. ???
  • One of the performers has a new song, it’s about Ferdinand Magellan. It’s basically along the lines of “It’s the East Indies!” “No, Magellan, that’s Argentina.” “Dammit.” “It’s the East Indies!” “No, that’s Chile.” “Dammit.” “It’s the East Indies!” “No, that’s the Philippines, and the natives are trying to kill us.” “Haha oops (dies)”
  • Somehow befriended one of the girls from the south Asian/middle eastern clothes booth? I’m not really sure how that happened but she seems cool. She braided my hair for me after overhearing me complain about how long it is
  • New faire meme: Overly Enthusiastic Food Booth Guy (”You come back if you get thirsty or hungry again! :)” yeah dude… I’ll be back all faire… I work here and I have to eat food)
  • Beat our pun master in a pun competition. He kept making boat puns and I said “You mast stop with all these terrible puns” and he went silent. He said he kept going through boat-related words in his head but couldn’t think of any comeback
  • Looked through a Lisa Frank coloring book and found one with a candy land type background, and a girl who was actually wearing a decent lolita coord (aside from the fact that her shoulders were mostly exposed). So of course I made her gothic because I gotta stick it to the man

I’ve had all my squares scattered around in my yarn boxes so I decided to gather them all together and lay them out to see how big of a blanket they would make. They took up a lot more space than I thought, and in retrospect, I’m glad I haven’t crocheted a square every single day of the year so far! I wanted a big blanket, but I’m glad I’m taking it a bit slower than I initially planned so I can enjoy the process of making it and not get it done too quick (I want it almost finished by time it starts to get cold again). I packed them all away in their own box, and when I began my square for today, I found two more squares at the bottom of another box! What If I just never stop finding squares? I’ll find them in my shoes. In my car. In my fridge. OH GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE??

The Afghan of 2014

Last year I decided to crochet an Afghan for myself. Many of you know that I rarely make anything for myself, but that I have a thing….for blankets.
I decided that if I were to make a blanket for myself, it would need to be large enough to cover my queen size bed. 
I found this lovely square/hexagon pattern and decided on black, red, and white yarn. The outcome would be something like a poppy (one of my favourite flowers, right up there, next to Sunflowers) and that appealed to me.
So off I went for measurements. After testing the pattern, I found that I needed 368 hexagons. 
Well, there are 365 days in a year…..368 squares in the blanket…..
i said to myself “Self, some people fold 1000 paper cranes as a test of patience. What if we crocheted one square, every day, for a year? Wouldn’t that be fun?”
What a naive fool I am.
365 days of crochet ( 3 squares on day 1 to make sure it was the right size). 
One hexagon. Every day….for a WHOLE FREAKING YEAR!!! Nope…never doing that again. EVER!
A square on the day word reached me that a dear friend passed suddenly! A square on the day I said goodbye to my beloved pet!
If the walls could talk, they’d tell you how much screaming, crying, anger and frustration has been put into this blanket! However, those walls would also tell you how late we stayed up laughing, sometimes to the point of tears…how many good memories were made while it was pieced together.
I look forward to snuggling up underneath it and reminiscing the year 2014. The year of the afghan.


30 Day Crochet Challenge: Day 1

Decided to do this last minute, cause hey, it’s the start of the month!

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

Well when I was 7 or 8 my mom and I made a granny square baby blanket. I know that was definitely my first completed project, but it was with my mom.

My first completed project by myself was probably a scarf or something really simple like that. I have no idea.

My routine.
  • Me on a good day: got my crochet hook and yarn, pinterest for ideas, I'm all set.
  • Me on a bad day: got my crochet hook and yarn, pinterest for ideas, I'm all set.
  • Me on an average day: got my crochet hook and yarn, pinterest for ideas, I'm all set.
  • Me today: got my crochet hook and yarn, pinterest for ideas, I'm all set.
  • Moral of this is: I crochet no matter the day, month, mood, occasion, etc....
Hippo’s Creativity Challenge winner - me!

This time, it’s me! Yay!

So I started the month with a goal of 25,000 words. Within a couple of days, I didn’t think there was any chance I’d make that goal, so I changed it to 20,000 words. Then I got into a bit of groove, and realized last week that I could totally hit 25k. And then four days before the end of the month, I said, ‘let’s go for broke! 30k! Cats and Dogs! Living Together!’ And somehow I actually made it. 

I ended the month with 30,319 words. I had a bonus goal as well, which was to crochet for 20 minutes every day, which I hit 30 out of 31 days. (I’m SO mad I left my crochet at work that one day.) I watched an episode of Brooklyn 99 while I worked, and now I’m in love with that show. 

And this is the last winner’s post! There were FORTY-SIX of you this challenge! I’ll have a post up with some more stats in a couple of days. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in and supported the challenge!