crochet doctor who

Finally getting around to posting JPEGs and stories. This was my first photo op with Wizard World. It was very fast, but the guys were super nice and very impressed. I remember saying “I made these and I was hoping we could hold them up.” My friend asked Matt if he was willing to wear the fez and he agreed. When I went to leave, I grabbed the crochet pieces, but forgot the hat. My friend told me that Matt realized he still had the hat on, and followed me for a few steps to toss the fez on my head.


So….here’s my chubby ass in the “finished enough for now” crochet Dalek. I was roasting in the main room it was so warm .. but it was a hit with everyone who saw it (and I won Belle Chere’s Honorable Mention award at the costume contest).

Best part was telling people they hadn’t seen the best part yet and getting their reactions when I unzipped and “flashed” my inner Dalek at them.

My hands really really need a break before I finish it and fix a few issues that drove me nuts cause I was a tad rushed finishing everything enough to wear it. But it is most certainly not a summer time cosplay and will only come out when it’s cold here in the mountains.


Oh my god, this was perfect. They loved it. David is amazing. So charming and friendly.

Editing to add story: I was a nervous wreck before this photo. We wanted to get through as quickly as possible because we had been slightly yelled at for taking too long with the last photo. I was carrying a step stool to stand on for the photo and my friend carried the portrait in. There were a few people in line ahead of us when we entered the photo room, but I saw Billie catch sight of the piece and her eyes got big. Finally it was our turn. I quickly set down the step stool and got in position. I blurted out to David that I had done another crochet piece. Billie was talking to a staff member and David called her over. This is my favorite part: he said “Bill, come look at this!” It was freaking adorable the way he called her “Bill”. She came over and they both admired it. I added that it took me 2 months to do. David said it would have taken him two years. The photographer was also impressed “Two months? That’s it?” We took the picture, I thanked them, and left.


We’re back! 

A lot has gone on this last year, a lot of hardships and family issues that kept me from crocheting but we finally moved from Hawaii to Maryland and I decided to get back to thing that I loved. Starting small and with a friend pregnant and due any time now, I decided to crochet these cute, nerdy baby blankets (or “loveys” since they are part stuffed animal.)

I plan to crochet Pokemon again very soon but right now I’m working on a huge project for my husband and I cannot wait to share that with you guys. I promise it is Pokemon related!

You can once more check out the shop and remember I always welcome custom orders, whether it be hats, blankets or plushies!


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