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Just you friendly neighborhood Spider Man 🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷

I just finished with this top and had to throw it on! Spidey is a classic and with all this Homecoming hype I had to make something inspired by him! I absolutely LOVED the movie and I hope to make more Spider Man themed stuff real soon because, if I’m being totally honest here, I am obsessed with Spider Man at the moment 😄

Thank you to those who have commissioned me, bought from my Etsy, or donated to my Ko-fi, without you I wouldn’t be able to crochet all the things I do 😢❤❤❤


Over the past four days, we’ve captured the best science fiction cosplay from SDCC. Special thanks to each and every one of these people, creatures, and..miscellaneous other…who posed for the camera. 

Left to right, top to bottom: Mystique Belle and the Beast, Riri Williams, the Demogorgon, the Predator, Ahsoka Tano, who crocheted her costume right down to the lightsaber, Han Solo and Chewbacca (played by a real! life! dog!) in the Millennium Falcon.

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💣  Bob-omb Tortoise, Part 1  💣

Happy Halloween, Tumblr!

Introducing … the cutest, grumpiest, and hungriest Bob-omb ever!  Did you know Bob-ombs run on radicchio fuel?  I was enjoying a delicious refueling when clumsy Mario almost ran into me with a Koopa Troopa shell!  @nintendo

To be continued…

* We are trying something new this year:  Check back every day this week for the next part of our Halloween story!


My crocheted cosplays over the past 4 years. I like to think I’m improving :) I’ll add more to the list as I do more costumes


etsyfindoftheday | halloween-y extra | 10.31.17

dog halloween accessories/costume hats by allyouneedispugshop

i couldn’t resist just ONE more awesome halloween find!! thanks allyouneedispugshop 🎃


It’s my first costume fitting for Halloween this year!  Mom likes to tailor my costumes to exactly fit my shell, with the top half of my costume covering only my carapace so that I can still move my head and legs freely.

This year, Mom tried out a different stitch arrangement from what she’s usually done for my costumes.  It doesn’t fit quite as perfectly as Mom’s old way of stitching did, but it still fits!

The cosplay glow up is so real guys omg.

Wittness my first ever cosplay, which was of Bowser.😂 The “shell” was just paper and twine and all the other accessories were duck tape. I used spray hair dye to dye my hair. Don’t even bring up my horrible makeup skills back then. 😱

My first costume looked nothing like all the cosplayers who had inspired me to try out cosplay, but I had fun making my outfit and hanging out in costume! So I continued to cosplay and eventually discovered I could incorporate my love of crochet into my costumes. And from there a fire was lit!

Now that I have a few costumes under my belt and I’ve successfully landed on a cosplay style that’s unique to me, I’m happy to revisit my starting point.💖💖💖

I’m also happy to say that I’m sitting here, typing this out in my dorm room as I prepare to begin my journey at art school. Thanks to all the support from my friends and family I’m able to pursue my passion for crochet costumes and learn even more about the fiber arts. I hope I can come out of school with even cooler costumes!

Nnnot showing my face, but this is my aroace jughead “costume” so far! Painted the pins, made the bracelets, and - most importantly of all, crocheted the hat! (finished just now)
Now I only need to find a dark green or purple tshirt… already have the white pen that writes on textile for the “S” :D

Spite can be a great motivator!

Pokehalloween Day 8: Starter

Magikarp and Litten are costume buddies this year (group costumes must be popular at the pond, huh?) as a Calico Cat! Because Calico Magikarp and Litten’s a cat so, like. Yeah. At any rate, they’re excited about it! 🐟😸