crochet 8 bit


One Penny Auction Sale going on Now!

That is right! For one penny (or whatever amount that changes with each bid) you could get your own crocheted heart, 8-bit heart, or Pokeball!

To give you some idea on their value, I usually sell these crocheted creations for $8 - $15 at conventions and on my Etsy Store.  

Not only is this a great deal that I’m serving out, but part of the proceeds from these auctions will go to helping children and families in need at the Ronald McDonald House! From Illness to devastating calamity, Ronald McDonald Houses have been helping families stay closer to their hospitalized loved ones. So this is indeed a great cause to help!

Below are the links for said items for Auction. If you have any questions, please be sure to send me a message through Ebay or Tumblr!

Thank you so much for supporting me and helping a great cause! Happy Bidding and may all the luck be in your favor!

Crocheted Heart | Crocheted 8-Bit Heart | Crocheted Pokeball

(PS: Please be sure to reblog! It will help the charity a lot! )