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21. “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?” With Beck? Please?

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21. “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?”

It was your first couple weeks working at the hospital, the routine had barely begun settling in as you walked down the halls. With each step, you felt the beginnings of an ache in your feet. You had tried everything over the past weeks, new shoes, massages, stretches and even acupuncture. As you rounded the corner focussing on your feet you bumped into a firm chest. Falling to the ground you came face to face with the most atrocious footwear in existence. Looking up you realised it was your training doctor, Dr. Beck. You smiled as he apologised over and over for bumping into you.

“I just have one question Dr. Beck. Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?” you teased, straightening your coat and pointing to the blue Crocs on his feet. He chuckled in response before crossing his arms.

“Laugh it up, I feel like I’m walking on clouds” he says smugly, before walking away leaving you to wonder when the Croc store closed.

X Men Apocalypse as Babies Headcanons:

Peter: A quick baby. You can’t even catch him, even if he’s a toddler. Dammit Peter, slow down! He knocks things over as he runs past you and he runs between your legs as he starts running all over the place again trying to catch him.

Kurt: Super adorable little blueberry. He laughs when you tickle his stomach or his little feet. He makes a funny, cute little giggle when you do that. He ‘bamfs’ somewhere random like high on the shelf or high on the stairs or the roof. You tell him to get down gently so you won’t hurt his feelings.

Warren: Has small little wings. Really stubborn cause he won’t eat his veggies. Eats things between the couch. Likes to be carried almost constantly. He likes to grip your hair really hard when he’s carried or grips onto your shirt when you carry him around the house.

Jubilee: Adorable baby. Loves to climb into your bag and steal your makeup. She loves to cling onto the curtains and she’s one inch away from getting hurt. Likes to wear your heels around the house and she sticks to your Crocs you have stored in your closet. How did she get into your closet??

Jean: A calm baby. Never cries as she gets into your mind unknowingly. Likes to cling onto your pant leg when she meets new babies like Peter or Scott. She likes Scott a lot.

Scott: Usually cries because he wants to be carried almost all the time. He grabs a hold of your hair and doesn’t let go. He’s a cute baby and you like to play blocks with him. You help him with the alphabet but he can only spell ‘Alex’ or ‘Jean.’

Alex: Likes to hold onto your pant leg and doesn’t let go. Likes to be carried like his younger brother Scott. Likes to play with your hair and knows how to say your name. He’s like 18 months old. He rarely cries and you get worried when he doesn’t cry.

Betsy: Likes to hide between the couch and eats things between the couch like Warren does. She’s a rebellious baby, even though she’s 16 months old. Likes to steal others toys and has a balloon sword. Favorite color is purple. 

Ororo: Likes the children cartoons on the tv. She never cries and likes to play with Kurt and Jean. Likes to sit on your shoulders and play with your hair. Likes to color in your coloring books you bought.

En Sabah Nur: Thinks he’s big and scary. He’s really…you know…sweet at this age. He doesn’t like to eat vegetables. Actually likes to sit in front of the tv all day and ‘learn’ whatever they do. You have to turn it to something non violent so he won’t do that stuff cos he’s Apocalypse. 

Happy Summer Vacation from Accidental Chinese Hipsters and Frankie Rogers in Athens, who sent in this instructional pic. I’m convinced that if Laura Ingalls Wilder were on a modern day European adventure with her best friend they’d be wearing these bonnets and matching dollar store crocs, and possibly some improvised flannel bibs.

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Ok but what if Lance wears certain sandals and shoes to different places? Going to the store? Crocs and socks. Going to the beach?? Just socks. Going to a concert? Regular shoes with socks. Home?? Socks and sandals. I'm just saying

I literally stopped reading when you said that Lance goes to the beach wearing only socks