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Why hate on crosby when you could make a kane hate blog, who is an actual shithead.

Did you know that human beings are only allowed to dislike one thing at a time. I look at the two pills in my hand.

the blue pill creates a k*ne hate blog

red pill creates a blog that is just crobsy hate. 

turns out I dont have to eat either of the pills I can just do that i want becauase its my own blog

Slow Motion...Sidney Crobsy

Sid and Penguins
Slow Motion: Juvenille

Penguins and me, penguins and me, Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby
Penguins and me, penguins and me, Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby

Uhhhhhhh. We’re working like that, you’re watching our backs, you don’t know how to act,
Penguins and me, penguins and me, Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby

I got Adams with me, his kids and his fans, go round calling him dearest daddy,
and when Asham joins in, that is when the party starts hopping,
hope on the table and start, diggy-diggy dancing,
slow down for me, your moving too fast,
my hip keeps popping, I’m trying to grip that stick,
keep laughing so hard as I introduce Mike Comrie,
got hockey as a disguise but his heart is for Hilary,
if your loving my team, let’s bring out my goalies,
I got MAF and Big Bad Brent Johnson,
all of our fans fell in love with the Maxime Tablot,
the Maxime Talbot keeps the girls close, like

Chorus X2

Don’t forget we got other younin in the wing,
like Chris and Nick,
Jeffery and Erick,
we like the way they came up from Oct till late in the offs,
fine teams if you’re listening you heard us, were strong,
if you gonna throw some punches, we’ll bring out our fighters,
you must have heard about Derek, Rupp and Godard,
there here to protect our pretty faces like me and tanger,
Na if you want to fight we’ll give you some cookie,
I don’t mind fighting too, if it is against you, don’t be asking a player about when I’m, fighting two,
lil playa get your things together, I aint protecting you,
I don’t think I could do better than La Benny do, you know
Orpik on the bench with , use to be hanging with Neal and Niskanen,
can two players from Dallas get along with us,
yes they can hang with us without wasting time trying to mess with us?


Chorus X2

Pittsburgh Penguins, we win, we don’t leave a point out in the open,
with puck, stick, and bruises, we hope you always want to cheer us on and believe us,
I guarantee we are gonna win , when you see ya,
and just don’t just holla out my name, like we’ll all friends,
my fans throw down, and you know that,
so stop crushin, penguins for everyone,
I’m gonna do that incredible motion and I’m score on them,
I like how that Evgeni Malkin score, acting all that,
Lemme add a little Kennedy and Letestu in on this,
would be mad, if I added a little Kovi,
I know what’s happening , this rap is so simple,
what can I say, I’m a hockey player today,
I’m rapping a little at the stadium, so you remember my team,
Pascal will pass the puck, Jordan will score,
What it gonna take for you to come cheer for penguins and me, like

Chorus X2

Bowie, 1978

Photo by Lord Snowdon

I know the Tumblr feed is inundated with images of Mr. Bowie on this day, but his passing is truly saddening to me. Having grown up with an older brother and sisters, his music really has ALWAYS been a part of my life since I was a little girl. Over Christmas, after hearing his duet with Bing Crosby, I explained to my daughters about his career and Ziggy Stardust and how this old guy Bing Crobsy deeply admired his talent. What an impact he made!

To me, Bowie was familiarity. He was genius.