“When Jensen runs, even our stunt guys can’t catch him. He’s like ‘I’m only going half speed!’ and the guys are fading in the distance.” - Lou Bollo, Supernatural stunt coordinator

I’ve been involved in a lot of sports. I’ve had quite a few very competitive guy friends. My brother owns a Crossfit gym and is a very fit guy. I know what it looks like when someone is pushing themselves to their own physical limits. So until I read the above quote, this scene really bothered me, because Dean is so clearly not running flat out the way a man desperately running for his life would. It bugged me that I, as a viewer, could tell that he wasn’t putting everything he had into getting away from those Croats. But since reading that quote and realizing that Jensen has to run slower to make the stunt guys look good, this scene just makes me proud.^.^


Even with all the craziness that was the Seattle GISHWHES event. Misha still took a second to get his picture snapped with my CROATOAN hat featuring the funkoadventures 2014 Lucifer Sam, And end!verse Dean and Castiel. Poor guy looked so concerned with everyone’s safety I hope he isn’t being to hard on himself for those that ended up with heat stroke. 

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Croatoan is a blood-borne virus that is demonic in origin, and causes a murderous rage in the people it infects. Once contaminated they become “croats”, entering an irreversible zombie-like state where the only thought is to kill. There is no known cure so they must be killed or risk global pandemic, as it spreads rapidly. 

Azazel tests the virus in River Grove, Oregon in 2006. (Episode 2x09, Croatoan). It proves effective in causing the townspeople to kill each other, and importantly proves that Sam is immune to its effects. Sam sees the word ‘Croatoan’ written on a telephone pole and references it back to John’s Journal, the Lost colony of Roanoke and a possible demon called a Deva, demon of plague and pestilence

Lucifer intends to use this virus to produce chaos and massacre on Earth during the Apocalypse. The virus is to be distributed by Niveus Pharmaceuticals in a vaccine that is being used against a swine flu epidemic caused by Pestilence. The plan is averted when Sam, Bobby, and Cas destroy the warehouse where the vaccine is stored. (The Devil You Know 5x20, Two Mintues to Midnight 5x21)