Some film of Hitler taken late in his life. This is 1944 and he’s greeting some Croatian officials. His valet. Heinz Linge, takes his cap here in the last sequence. 

By 1944, Hitler was a physical wreck. He suffered from jaundice late in the year, hand tremors, he dragged his left leg, and was drug addicted to the dangerous assortment of drugs that Dr. Morell injected him with.

“In you I love sin, in sin I love you” - I told her a few days before in the park, when the sun was casting it rays on the flowers and her hair, and her cheeks had lit up with love, summer, passion and vanity…So she loses her innocence in every touch of our knees, breath and lips. I am a fallen angel, I would always tell her, when I wanted to flatter her.
—  Janko Polić Kamov
Anne Frank film shot in Gaza secretly screened in Iran - Middle East News
Viewers of 'Anne Frank: Then and Now' risk being imprisoned as the film does not have government approval.

A documentary about Anne Frank was secretly screened in Iran, a country whose leaders have openly questioned and denied the Holocaust.
“Anne Frank: Then and Now” was shown to film students and a professor in a provincial theater. The film did not have government approval, and viewers risked being imprisoned for attending the event, Deadline reported.

The Arabic-language documentary film chronicles the lives of eight Palestinian girls and two Israeli girls during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict as they try out for the role of Anne Frank. It was directed by Croatian filmmaker Jakov Sedlar and produced by Branko Lustig, a Croatian Holocaust survivor who won an Oscar for producing “Schindler’s List.”

“Tell your friends about Anne Frank,” Sedlar, who attended the screening, told the Iranian students. “Try to find details of her life; try to learn something about the Holocaust.”

Kip Domovine

U katedralu jedne teške noći,
uđoh tiho i priđoh do oltara,
sa zvonika jecahu zvona stara.

Htio sam duši molitvom pomoći
kad tamo pri tamnom visokom odru,
jedna žena gledaše u daljinu.

Tri su joj boje ovile haljinu,
prepoznah crvenu, bijelu i modru,
i reče mi tiho: moli se sinko
nad nama pletu neke čudne niti,  
Hrvat je opet tako teško biti…