Cycle self

I like company. I like to ride with someone. It makes me feel secure. Right now I have no-one to ride with so must fly solo. My clubathletica doesn’t like that - she worries about me just as I worry about her. Love worry. I’d rather have company out there but I essentially rode the Croatian Coast by myself; a foreign country, wrong side of the road, no cycle lanes or road shoulders, drivers unused to cyclists. So I should be ok at home.


Some Other New Year by Ivorin Vrkaš & Corporeal Geometrics

“Some Other New Year provides an artistic perspective on the passing of time and introduces a discourse on personal motifs and recollections connected with moments in life. Through the exhibition and accompanying calendar Corporeal Geometrics curates a visual narrative told through twenty four temporal impressions from Croatian and Serbian artists.”

 Artists: Miron Milić, Lonac, Klasja Habjan, Booboo Tannenbaum, Melinda Šefčić,Dragan Kordić, Marko Vilipić, Hana Tintor, Filip Peraić, Paolo Čerić, Artez, Tamara Pešić, Mirko Rastić, Ivorin Vrkaš, Andrea Resner, Stipan Tadić, Zlatan Vehabović, Vedran Klemens

Credits: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting & Presentation Photography - Ivorin Vrkaš, Project Management, Organisation & Exhibition Keeping - Gregor Mihaljević, Press, Copywriting & Exhibition Keeping - Tom Palinić, Filming, Editing & Exhibition Photography - Bojan Haron

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This is a new version of Plavi Raj, updated with contents from the Expansions that were released after the world was finished. It includes some new lots, some changes in already existent ones, in the vegetation and in the atmosphere thanks to the new lightning files:


Plavi Raj (blue paradise in Croatian) is a village located in the Croatian coast, in a privileged environment where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, historic places and live a totally Mediterranean lifestyle. Come to explore this wonderful place and discover its magic!


Large World (2048x2048). 34 Residential Lots - 51 Community Lots. Unpopulated. 116 MB. It includes recolors and custom lightning files. It includes a Base Camp. CC is required (download below).


All EPs except ITF, High End Loft Stuff, Fast Lane Stuff and Outdoor Living Stuff. No Store content required.



⇩ Plavi Raj NECESSARY CC: OneDrive 
⇩ Plavi Raj English Unpopulated:OneDrive
⇩ Plavi Raj Español Deshabitado:OneDrive

I hope you like the world and that you give it a try. If you have any problems or questions just message me. I look forward to seeing your pictures!! The next world I’ll be updating is Empordà :D


Reward Boxes Package Design by Charlie Isslander

“Charlie had a pleasure to work on unusual packaging for a client in 2012. The pack contains 3 base packages, from Golden to Bronze as a rating of each customer with royalty program card at the restaurant. The golden one contains $1,000 bottle of red wine, signed certificate and couple of propagation items, such as badges or other collectibles. The box is made from black chalk-writeable paper with a foil press on logo and ½ of it.”

Born & raised in Czech Republic, Charlie Isslander was genuinely influenced by Austrian, German & Croatian ancestors. Over 6 years in business, He’s had a chance to work on variety of projects, with agencies, companies or even individuals. Custom work is his territory, branding, web design, UI/UX design, print design & of course any offline design. Synthesis of his creativity & the understanding of task are his keys to create award winning experiences

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The Signs // Foreign Words

Aries: borba, Croatian for “fight/combat”

Taurus: مستقر (mostaqir), Arabic for “settled/stable”

Geminiστοχαστής (stohastis), Greek for “thinker”

Cancerdevoción, Spanish for “devotion”

Leoຄວາມພູມໃຈ (khuaam phumchai), Lao for “proud”

Virgo: analyseren, Dutch for “to analyse”

Libra: Gleichgewicht, German for “balance”

Scorpio: afiado, Portuguese for “sharp”

Sagittarius: défendre, French for “to protect”

Capricornவிடாமுயற்சி (vitamuyarci), Tamil for “perseverance” 

Aquariusisyancı, Turkish for “rebel/insurgent”

Piscesmielikuvituksellinen, Finnish for “imaginative”


Happy 29th birthday to the one of my favourite football players.He always give his best and leave heart on the pitch.He breath football and his goals for representation and club put smile on my face and make me proud.He isn’t only great player he is also great person who is always ready to help someone.

Happy birthday to my handsome,funny,lovely Mandzo!♥