Genocidal action of the Croatian army “Storm” began 4 August in 1995, at 4 am, with the attack of the U.S. Air Force on the guards of the Krajina Serbs. Then the Croats, with the support of NATO, attacked Serbian positions and populated areas of northern Dalmatia, Kordun, Banija and Lika, at the front 700 kilometers long. During four days of ethnic cleansing of unprecedented scale, about 250,000 Serbs have been expelled from their centuries old homes, around 2000 were killed, of which 1196 civilians, and a huge material damage has been made to Serbian property. The wave of Serbian refugees who fled to Bosnia and Yugoslavia, was the biggest in Europe since the World War II. The “Storm” is still a crime without punishment.

Oлуја-злочин који траје.

Никад заборавити.

On collaboration and kissing

The kissing I do relies on collaboration and most especially my collaborators. I kiss specifically the people I am kissing -– and oftentimes touch their butts or faces too.

Without David Aja I could not kiss David Aja.

Without Annie Wu, I could not have kissed Annie Wu when I was not kissing David Aja. Without Matt Hollingsworth, I would not kiss expat-Croat brewmeisters. Without Chris, I could not kiss Chris when Brad Meltzer is not kissing Chris. Without Steve Wacker I would still be a virgin.

Without Chom Zduggitty there is no kissing for team SEX CRIMINALS. I literally would not be able to kiss Chip if Chip was not there to kiss.

It is a high class problem at all that anyone wants to write critically about the kissing that happens with the people I kiss and also make comics with but mostly kiss and I understand that, but I find it fatuous at best and disingenuous at worst when any kissing we do gets referred to as “mine” or really ‘Chip Zdarsky.’ These kissings result from the work of “us.” One may as well write a restaurant review without referring to the actual taste of a kiss, or a piece of music solely by its duration relative to kissing, say, a nice lady or like a really cool dog.

To not refer to the artists I am lucky enough to kiss and co-create these books and kisses with reflects a morally (or at least intellectually) criminal neglect and ignorance of the process from which kissing happens –- thus casting any other commentary suspect while robbing attention and praise from those that deserve it.

Love the kissing or hate the kissing there is a team required to kiss, sometimes moving heaven and earth and touching faces and butts in ways you’ll never know, and any commentary should reflect that partnership.

I cannot and do not speak for others but as far as the kisses I kiss, as far as “my” kisses go –- well, there is no ‘my’ kisses. They’re all “ours” –- legally, financially, morally, ethically, and most of all, sensually.

so fuck you stan how dare you


 Avant 1648 ,terme militaire « soldat [croate, à l'origine] de la cavalerie légère » compagnie de cravates (Voiture, Lettre 20, éd. de 1663);

2. 1649-52 « bande de tissu portée autour du cou [comme en portaient les cavaliers croates] » (L. Richer, L'Ovide bouffon, 1, 4, p. 57, 58 ds Quem.);

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La Suisse trouve une solution dans le dossier croate

Berne a approuvé une solution à la question de l’admission de contingents de ressortissants croates au marché de l’emploi. Ceci pour pouvoir relancer les discussions avec Bruxelles sur «Horizon 2020» ou «Erasmus». Plus d’informations sur: Le Matin Suisse

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