It’s You - XV


SUMMARY: It’s been 2 years since Sebastian’s fiancé died and his friends and family have been telling him to move on because that’s what’s best for him. Then, one day he suddenly bumps into you and theres an instant connection.

WARNINGS: language. angst. mentions of blood, disfiguration, death. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: here’s the end. i’m sorry for this lol. i’m like for sure making a second part to this, i just don’t know when i’ll have it ready. but thank you to those who read this and left feedback, you don’t know how much i appreciate you all! 

flashbacks - italics


You left England a week later with Sebastian staying behind for a couple of more weeks. It hurt you to leave him and you wished you could stay with him until he finished filming but you had a life to pick up back in New York.

After tears, kisses, hugs and a lot more ‘I love you’s’ you were off to the United States. The first thing you did when you got home was grab a shirt from his specified drawer at your place and pulled out a shirt, quickly slipping off the one you had on and then his on. 

Your puppy jumped on the bed and whined making you laugh. You sat next to him and picked him up, holding him close to you and kissing his head.

“I miss him, too.”

Sebastian finished filming early but he didn’t let you know he was coming back. He wanted to surprise you even if you didn’t like surprises. He dropped his stuff off at his place, took a shower and changed into another outfit than what he was wearing before. 

On his way over to the hospital, he grabbed you lunch from your favorite spot in the city. He hoped it would make you happy. Although, he hoped that seeing him in person before he was supposed to get to New York would also make you happy.

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Just some Cuphead headcannons - Boss Souls

Goopy - Sold his soul to live beyond the grave. Literally.

Ribby and Croaks - Bet the devil they could win a fight with his best boxer. Both lost and were put in dept.

Hilda Berg - Unable to fly after a terrible crash landing. Sold her soul to fly again.

The Root Pack - Sold their souls to win ‘Largest Carrot/Potato/Onion’ prize at the county fair.

Cagney - Taken advantage of for looking like a cute wimp. Sold his soul to become scary. When he wants.

Baroness Von Bon Bon - Beheaded by rebels. Sould her soul to get her castle back.

Djimmi the Great - Sould his soul to no longer be bound by his lamp.

Beppi the Clown - Didn’t make the devil laugh at his brithday party. The Devil took his soul as payment.

Grim Matchstick - Devil made him guard a hoard. Didn’t want to hurt the looters, and gave the devil his soul instead.

Wally Warbles - Originally a sentient clock. Sold his soul to become a real bird.

Captain Brinebeard - Stole a living ship from the Devil. Payed with his soul.

Phantom Express - A train owned by the Devil in general to house lost souls. Eventually went off the rails, so to speak.

Rumor Honeybottoms - Originally a bee under an evil queen. Sold her soul to usurp her and modernize the colony.

Cala Maria - Sold her soul to become beautiful and not petrify people.

Sally Stageplay - Sold her soul for fame.

Dr. Kahl’s Robot - Wanted a soul. Devil let him have one that was to be returned to him at a later date.

Werner Werman - Sold his sould to defeat his arch enemy, and turn him into a robot.

King Dice - Amassed Gambling Depts at a young age. Sould his soul to turn the depts around and buy the Casino.

Things I’ve Learned

As both a witch and someone who makes more mistakes than there are cells in my body

  • just do what works
  • like i’m serious if screaming at the moon works then do it
  • listen to your gut. it knows
  • work with what you have and don’t be afraid to cheat the system a little
  • eat after you preform magickal works, drink water
  • succulents are friends
  • spider plants can live just about anywhere but actual pots are best
  • rosemary doesn’t like water and will die very quickly if you over water it
  • aloe vera is a beast and flat out refuses to die
  • be like aloe vera
  • eggshells don’t decompose like other things they just kinda dissolve eventually
  • freezing eggshells keeps them fresh but they’re difficult to pry apart 
  • don’t use salt on plants they will die 
  • enchanting your makeup is a good idea
  • put sigils everywhere
  • don’t be afraid to do magick for practical/”mundane” things
  • always look at the mundane causes for things first
  • showers are a great time to self-cleanse and ward
  • screaming and throwing your grimoire at spiders is probably going to happen eventually
  • you should probably set up a schedule or an alarm to water your plants
  • store your seeds away from water 
  • dandelions are friends
  • don’t pick the first dandelions of spring! bees need those to get started
  • sometimes just asking for something to lend it’s energy is enough
  • sometimes doing spells is the equivalent of kicking the universe in the knees until it does the thing
  • cursing bad people with lots of supporters is very difficult, but worth it 
  • be very careful with your wording and intent
  • your spells probably aren’t going to work out the way you thought

Coloring this took a lot longer than i thought, but i think I’m done.

Umm Hi,

BTS would be nothing without Jung Hoseok

BTS would be nothing without Park Jimin

BTS would be nothing without Kim Taehyung

BTS would be nothing without Kim Namjoon

BTS would be nothing without Min Yoongi

BTS would be nothing without Kim Seokjin

BTS would be nothing without Jeon Jungkook


It took me a while, but it’s finally here! My biggest drawing yet! (Almost, not really) all of the bosses of Cuphead in a bar. I hope I didn’t miss your fave! :(
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Commissions are open, DM if interested!


I give you my word. But in order to do that you need to trust my judgement for a little while while yours is reeling.

Angsty Cuphead headcanon - Bad Ending

After the bad ending of Cuphead is completed, the debtors are forced to return to hell and be locked down there for the rest of their days. 

Moe Tato, Weepy and Psycarrot say goodbye to Betty Beet*, leaving her as a guard to their garden as they dig their way to the gates of hell. Moe is stunned, Weepy keeps sobbing, and Psycarrot feels their pain and can barely hold themselves together.

Goopy Le Grande stupidly bounces around, trying to be brave and great as his name suggests. But his bounces aren’t as strong and thudding as they were before. They sound muted, almost lazy. 

Hilda Berg hugs all her tiny missiles and flies off with a joke, giggling, because that’s what she does. But she will miss them. And she will miss the stars. Will there be stars, in hell?

Ribby and Croaks look at each other’s hand at the gates. They’ve always been fighting side by side, since they were tiny tadpoles, and that’s what they will do once more. They take off their boxing gloves and hold each other’s hands. 

Cagney Carnation clings to his boomerang like a prized possession. He’s required to let go of it as he reaches the gates of hell, and he angrily throws it, gritting his teeth to hide his fears. 

Baroness Von Bon Bon gives one last goodbye kiss to her weeping followers. All of them. She recommends them to take care of her kingdom in her absence, lets go of her staff, lifts her skirt, and walks in, one lonely tear tracing her face.

Beppi The Clown hugs his green penguins and books their beaks. He smiles and gives zany comments about what he sees, because these are ways of clowns. 

Djimmi The Great takes one last puff off his pipe. He takes off his turban and holds it to his chest, stroking the feather. He doesn’t feel that great now. Genies don’t deal well with being imprisoned. It’s part of their nature. At least, he thinks, he’s not alone.

Wally Warbles… well, letting go of his beloved chick was the hardest part. After leaving him with the carnival staff, and a long, tearful goodbye, he saluted his bird minions and flew off in an unlikely, out of character silence. 

Grim Matchstick twiddles his fingers, sighing. He hugs himself, because his three heads are all in need of support, and shyly looks around. His tiny flames wave their hands. Some are crying. 

Rumor Honeybottoms reunites all her worker bees in the main hall of the Honeycomb Herald, and gives them a long, winded speech about how things are going to change for them. But she gives up, delivering a warm hug to her guard bee before buzzing off. 

Captain Brineybeard salutes all his crew and pats his ship on its side. His sea minions wait next to the dock, angrily looking at the gates of hell that are about to swallow their captain.

Sally Stageplay leaves a sobbing Jack** behind, and gives him her umbrella as a goodbye gift. She then cradles her child and kisses them both. To fight off tension, she plays with her locks and her wedding ring.

Werner Werman is forced to leave his tank behind. He salutes it, military-style. and a mechanical hand lifts off, waving him goodbye. He then clenches his teeth on his cigar and hugs himself. Defenseless. 

Cala Maria also has a lot of hugs and kisses to give to her sea friends. She leaves Toby Turtle*** in charge. He resists for a few moments before breaking down and hugging her. As she moves to the ground, her snake hair brush their faces on her cheeks to cheer her up.

Dr Kahl’s Robot almost squishes his owner in giving him a hug. He embarrassedly places him on the ground and pats him on the head as a farewell. He doesn’t even seem that scared. Hell looks so… new. 

The Phantom Express is split apart, as the Blind Specter and T-Bone are now unemployed and have to watch the Blaze Brothers and the Head Of The Train being dragged down through the gates. They awkwardly hold each other. It feels so… unnatural!

*Betty Beet is a deleted Cuphead boss and a supposed fourth member of the Root Pack. 

** Jack is the name I gave to Sally’s husband. Jack Stagehand. Guess what the reference is. 

*** I gave that tortoise the name Toby Turtle. Guess why. 

It was fun hurting you.