So here is my big announcement:

Today, July 9th 2013, marks my official 1 year anniversary of this blog!

In commemoration of this today, I am announcing something special for this month. 

The winner for this month’s “Gotta Sketch ‘Em All” contest will win not one, but TWO custom drawings from me! One drawing of their choosing, like normal, and another done by me of my choosing. I will make sure to do my best to create both your drawings to your liking. If you guys are interested in entering my contest for this month, I’ll reblog the contest rules post I usually put up again for you in a moment.

Now that the contest portion of my announcement is over, I’d like to say a few more things. I have some big thanks to give out to all my supporters of this blog. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. If I haven’t gotten all the love and support from you guys over the years I wouldn’t have made it to this one year mark. Some of you have been really amazing, when it comes to entering my contests, to just stopping by to say hi, and there’s many of you I’d love to thank individually but if I did I’d have one super long post no one would want to read. haha So to all 824 of my beautiful and amazing followers:


But there’s also one important person I’d like to thank in particular. The one person who inspired me to make this blog in the first place and has encouraged me and supported me the entire time while having it, during my ups and downs running this blog, to a person who has been nothing short of a best friend to me on here and outside of here. I know she knows who I’m talking about, and that’s you Vero. Thank you so so so so so so much for everything you’ve done for me since we’ve become friends. I really truly appreciate you to no end. Thank you so much. ♥ 

So I wish for your guys continued support as you have over the years,and let’s make this next year of being gunkies (my nickname for you all) even better than this first one!

okie-dokie-froakie asked:

What would your Pokemon dream team consist of?

Now, I’m not saying these are the BEST 6 pokemon to have, I know their stats aren’t the best, but this is still my dream team who i would be willing to train hard and love harder so that we’re the best freakin family in the world:

Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Dragonite, Gengar.

Let’s go with that.

okie-dokie-froakie asked:

I'm 29, I've loved Pokemon since it came to the states, and I still love Pokemon to this very day. While I can't say I've ever been bullied because of it, I can sympathize with those have. I get odd looks once in a while when I tell anyone or they ask me if I still like Pokemon, but my philosophy on it is: screw em. Embrace what you love and be proud of it. Because in the end, you know what? People who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind. No one is ever too old for Pokemon.

Just a little reminder that submissions for September's Gotta Sketch 'Em All contest is still going

If you’re interested in submitting a Pokemon for the contest, feel free to do so here: [x]

If you’re curious as to what this is, it’s a contest I hold monthly here on my blog. You submit to me a Pokemon (or several) you’d like to see me draw personally for you. We’ve had a few successful months of the contest so far and there are still many submissions left over from the previous months to draw from. So if you’d like to enter, you may do so here.

Complete set of rules are listed here: [x]

Please read and comply by the rules before entering, and good luck!