Very important message from Croach the Tracker (via Mark Gagliardi’s twitter)

Some more detailed Croach sketches. My earlier ones were going too “dystopian rogue,” so I pulled backed to the original material.

I think it was in the Nerdist BTS series that Mark mentioned Croach is a mix of Tonto and Spock. Tonto is meant to be from the Potawatomi tribe, so that’s where a lot of the details are coming from. Though I’m working to deviate some more so the design ultimately feels more unique to the story. uwu

Classic tumblr thing
A post: it doesn’t matter what you ship!! Shipping is fun and we’re all just nerds on the Internet!!
Op tags: #ereri #reylo #billdip #usuk #rickmorty #cmon guys Im so tired of this drama #pinecest #rivamika #matsucest #its just fiction guys

I would imagine that croach can sit motionless for hours on end when he has to but when he’s nervous, or what he would equate to being nervous, he’s very fidgety and has to do something with his hands.
Sometimes he folds paper, sometimes he does little weavings, but if he rely needs to take his mind of something he’ll do a bigger project. Knitting for example.

Omg this actually happened to me at school today 0-0

Me @ my friend: ok so I was going into the yiffy yaoi yuppy tag and -
Teacher: was it johndave O____O
Teacher: so you go on tumblr?
Me: :D hellz yup!! Do u??
Teacher: YE are you a (she looked around the room then got real close to me and my friend) sjw?
Me: YEAH !!! Wbu??
Teacher: DUH!
Me + my friend + my teacher all chanting: DOWN WITH CIS!! DOWN WITH CIS!! DOWN WITH CIS!!