Not long after jettisoning his old body, Mr Croach commissioned a formal portrait to hang in his private office. It was long thought to have been destroyed by a fire caused by two young students, who were at the time trying to build a 1:100 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower using a large woolen picnic blanket and a bucket of dead squid. (How they managed to start the fire is a mystery for another day.) However a patron of the arts living in Nullsville is believed to have had it smuggled out of Hollow Fields by means unknown. So here it is, digitally restored for your convenience. Good day.

Body and Soul - Namjoon

Group: BTS
Member: Namjoon
Type: Smut, Devil!AU
word count: 2947

A/N: when LOTR inspiration goes wrong. 

One dick to rule them all, one dick to find them
One dick to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

He stood outside on the empty, sleeping street in the night. The lights inside the houses dimmed, the yellow lanterns lighting up the grey, dark road he was roaming instead.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose as he caught that familiar sweet scent again. The scent of his next victim. A sly smirk spread across his face as he casually headed towards the house effusing that distinct smell that made his mouth water and all the blood in his body flow down to one particular body part.

The window on the first floor was open on this hot summer night, the gentle breeze making the flimsy curtains billow, sending another dazzling whiff of that delicious aroma his way. He licked his lips as he stared up at the window, knowing he only had to climb his way through it to be with you.

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“But it is what it is.”

Meant to be my art contribution for Day 25 but I overworked the hell out of it. Quote from the American Wife Interview with Croach and Sparks, and Sparks is narrating the story of how he met Croach.

Also headcanon that Croach’s mom is the chief. I don’t know if it’s been said what her signifer is, but I just can’t help picturing this woman handing over Croach like, “And this is my boy Croach, he’s a keeper alright!”