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Love Bites!

The canon ships, and those who are happy as they are.

So I read about the characters and their relationships. From what I read, Giggles is the popular one here. I read that Petunia was also with other guys (Though, she wasn’t happy with Disco Bear). Fun fact, the popular canon couples in the show are CuddlesXGiggles, and PetuniaXHandy. 

I also read that Lumpy (In maybe one episode) was also attracted to Giggles, but it didn’t say that they dated and most episodes that involve Lumpy and Giggles together it’s usually a rivalry situation.

Again, this is only based on what I read. Enjoy! 

anonymous asked:


First impression: wow he’s… ice
Impression now: yeah um he’s still pretty much ice
Favorite moment: lmao everything in that dinosaur episode
Idea for a story: none e.e
Unpopular opinion: ugh I should probably start skipping this one
Favorite relationship: … nothing? I’ve never really shipped anyone with him
Favorite headcanon: whenever it’s a really hot day everyone just gathers around him to cool themselves off