The 5 Stages Of An Archaeologists Grief After Losing Their First Trowel
The ShovelBums version of the Kübler-Ross 5 Stages of Grief when losing/breaking your first trowel My long time friend Penny DuFoe Minturn posted today that she had lost her first trowel - which she mentioned has been around since a project we were together in '88 at Pueblo Grande -...

So true.  So sad.  One of my coworkers found a trowel while surveying–just think of that poor poor archaeologist bemoaning the loss of their most precious of tools! 


For those of you who might wonder, I don’t dare appropriate (as a white person with a substantial amount of privilege) spiritual systems from Black Americans (hoodoo, conjure, various incarnations of African Spiritualist tradition, so-called ‘folk magic’ &c) and pass them off either in informing people of them, which would be in direct violation of the ethics expected of me as a practicing cultural anthropologist, nor do I respect offers from other people to ‘teach’ these folkways, manners, mores, rituals &c for money.

I don’t ‘practice’ magic. Magic (however you might spell it, Neo-Pagans) is a secret and is only shared with people deemed culturally and spiritually sensitive enough to respect its tradition and the confidentiality that comes with practicing it. Anyone who offers to sell you ‘secrets from Voodoo priests, houngans, Native American grandmothers, witch doctors from the Pacific Northwest, &c’ are full-of-shit 100% colonialist plastic shamans who need to be exposed and ridiculed for attempting (and roundly failing) to exploit cultures, just like their ancestors did. 

One of my good friends, Rob, who happens to run a wonderful resource for spiritual education, and someone who I have shared a wealth of amazing experiences with spiritually, once described the incredulity that he had over people who ran sweat lodges with the preposterous claims of being able to cure terrible diseases like AIDS and cancer, with little to no vetting. Never mind that the running of sweat lodges is against the law on many tribal lands, as well as a cause of a famous declaration of war enacted by the elders of the Lakota community. Anyone who goes to one of these bastardized rituals tempts the intercession of the gods in their course of their lifetime, and in some parts of the Indian nations, white people ‘fooling around’ can defile sacred places where the Holy Beings live.

Euro-Americans have a vastly under-appreciated, incredibly diverse magical community that draws off of organic, homegrown spiritual traditions that are rooted in both indigenous European and Christian traditions. While there is a certain element of Neo-Pagan communities who strive to seek the mysteries that were unfortunately extinguished by the advent of Christianity in pre-Modern Europe, many of them thankfully use and abide by Christian forms and ritual to harmonize their spiritual worldview with modern life. The problem is that the New Age movement, which was primarily a hijacking of these traditions in light of capitalist interference with spiritual things, made such traditions practically worthless as globalization and neo-colonialism introduced other traditions, languages, and folkways into the material of American culture. 

Lamentably, some neo-Pagan and Wiccan groups actively appropriate traditions that do not pertain to their worldview in a racist mockery of the traditions which they seek to emulate.

One does not play with sacred things as if they were toys. The implements, names, traditions, and formulae that coincide with magical traditions are sacred forms of a belief system that for many people have a power co-equal with the divine. As such, a reverence by those seeking to understand it is necessary, as well as the distance needed to fully appreciate it, should be enacted. Groups should police these interlopers as fiercely as possible, lest secret knowledge be made public, as recently happened on Hopi land. And any person need not either utilize a sacred landscape nor the instruments found therein for any magical purpose without 1) appropriate vetting by a trained land and culture resource specialist 2) appropriate monetary payment to the group affected and 3) an understanding of what is accessible and inaccessible by the visiting group, with appropriate supervision by law enforcement authorities, if necessary. 


Wheels & Waves

I used to be an Archaeological Field Technician. This required an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, or History plus a field school. Well, that is what I thought initially. In reality there are back doors into the field. Usually these involve knowing someone or answering an ad for day laborers. Most of the skills you need when starting out involve lots of walking, digging little round holes, measuring soil strata and taking notes. Yes, there is more, but the other skills can be picked up along the way.

Beast Of Burden Or Accepted Responsibility

The mention of the word ’noise’ can be taken to mean different things to different people… and in varying circumstances. Take for example a group of kids playing outside, having a great time by just being themselves. While there are excessive levels of noise such as those on construction sites or behind a 747 airliner, children just being themselves should not be relegated to this category.

As a parent, what would be your opinion on the matter? Notwithstanding emergencies, are these little rascals making too much noise, or are they doing nothing more than enjoying some good clean fun? Of course, the other option would be to station them inside with a video game where the volume can be controlled, but is that the right solution? The simple answer is that kids should be playing outside (and making noise) and it’s either going to be a bother… or not.

What is your CRM team’s stance on the subject? Do they take calls as a part of the responsibility they took on from the start, or is there a tendency to perceive each incoming request as a burden? While an intangible matter, the reality to your enterprise can be huge in terms of time lost and opportunities postponed. This is not a passing thought, but a real gauge as to how well your business operates.

When people are having issues with the system that powers your accounts, deals and contacts, they are less likely to be productive, but if their calamity is quickly resolved, they can get back to business in short order. Even small items such as a report not functioning can put the brakes on some users, who may instead choose to wait until an answer is provided. Is it fair to your enterprise? No. But regardless, the buck stops with the CRM caretakers who need to be on top of this because by removing the issue, any means of loss of production can be quashed.

Adding up all of these issues over a quarter, or even a month can put things in perspective, but attempting to get a handle on such a number is akin to un-pickling a pickle. The next best indicator of peak performance is to determine the level of satisfaction from those who use your CRM as a business requirement (i.e. sales and marketing).

If the performance metric is sub-par, the fault line may lie with the process itself over the caretaker(s), so be sure to initially exhaust all of the ’ifs’. If after turning over every stone you discover that the roadblock resides within the team, educating them on the importance of their role within the company and how it affects the pulse of the organization is usually the most effective antidote.

Business should never be looked at as a burden… even with levels of service, but to ensure this is the case a concentrated (initial) effort demands your attention else letting chance dictate the outcome. While we cannot change the 80/20 rule, there are small things that can be fixed for ensuring your customers are receiving the most timely service expected. It’s a simple formula for maintaining a steady course and can be easily boiled down to team dynamics, and pride in service.

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Marketing Research Tech Company Gets $32.5M

Marketing Research Tech Company Gets $32.5M

The smell of money is in the air for vendors in the marketing technology space this week.
Radius secured $50 million earlier this week for its B2B predictive marketing software.
And InsideView, the San Francisco-based sales and marketing software company, secured $32.

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The Most Important Customer Service KPI You Might Not Be Measuring

The Most Important Customer Service KPI You Might Not Be Measuring

The Most Important Customer Service KPI You Might Not Be Measuring.

Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California. Real California cheese.

It was a marketing campaignthat had a hold on Wisconsin. Plump, beautiful dairy cows roamed the sunny California hills joyously gossiping about the terrible conditions in far away, snow-ridden lands. How could a miserable cow — beaten…

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Top 7 Business Apps That Every Company Needs

Top 7 Business Apps That Every Company Needs

It’s time to get ready for the flexible cellular industry software unrest at this aspect. We’ve insurgencies going on: an apparatus dissatisfied and a product upheaval. That suggests the ascent of moveable programs for all industry capacities is a troublesome trend you’ll be able to’t overlook. 
The development of innovation has caused a rodent race amongst companies in making an attempt to…

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Top 7 Business Apps That Every Company Needs

Top 7 Business Apps That Every Company Needs

It’s time to get ready for the flexible cellular industry software unrest at this aspect. We’ve insurgencies going on: an apparatus dissatisfied and a product upheaval. That suggests the ascent of moveable programs for all industry capacities is a troublesome trend you’ll be able to’t overlook.  The development of innovation has caused a rodent race amongst companies in making an attempt to stick…

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如何用大數據強化人才力?:Google、星巴克、Whole Foods都在用的解碼管理法則





遺憾的是,多數工作場所仍使用舊有的管理模式:開不完的會議、一長串的電子郵件收件人名單、寫不完的公文、跑不完的流程。但Google、星巴克和Whole Foods等企業,已率先將公司建置的演算法轉向進行內部人才解碼,好讓員工發揮最大潛能!

本書作者為可立格(Klick Health)創辦人暨執行長里羅蒙•塞格爾(Leerom Segal)等人,他們基於將可立格打造成全球最大醫療健康數位行銷公司的經驗,輔以針對各產業的案例研究,提出了永續競爭優勢的新關鍵:

「解碼企業」(The Decoded Company)——以人才為中心、數據化、靈活、迅速!




Why To Buy Reliable Web Based CRM Solutions for Your Business

It is a time saving and affordable system applicable for both cloud-hosted and web-based environment. Proposed system facilitates a lot to customers and organizations with minimizing efforts and cost applied for process maintenance. By doing intense research, it has been proven that companies using web-enabled Customer Relationship Management software have increased their sales and revenues by a high degree of percentage. Across the market, there are various types of software available to track records related to clients and their operational activities.

Visit to read more.


#SalesGrow #CRM is very useful #software for any kind of #business. Growing Your Business with WTM SalesGrow #CRM #Software.   #Saas   #online   #leadgeneration


Modern businesses can leverage the advantages offered by advanced technology. Businesses can sustain in the tough competition by streamlining challenging processes with real time data. Data analysis techniques present, allows companies to forecast their future plans and strategies. Helpful tools like Customer Resource Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers businesses the power to control the market.

Quick Insights

Though similar at a glance, ERP and CRM are distinctively different. To accomplish business goals and success, businesses need to rely on both the platforms (explained below).


Customer Resource Management (CRM) is a crucial tool, which allows companies to interact with their customers about either sales or services. Companies can improve its ROI by enhancing their products quality and customer services. Even customer acquisition is possible by deploying impactful CRM solution.

It offers myriads of features, which allow businesses to collect customer data, manage and use it to build unbeatable marketing strategies. Big data study trend, helps companies to streamline and simplify major business processes.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is required to manage business. It integrates all the functions like product planning, development, human resources, sales and marketing. ERP solution helps companies to fulfill goals by managing multiple core operations – accounting, inventory etc. using single software.

It is designed to make business activities highly efficient. Allowing companies to focus on the crucial factor i.e. business data, it helps them managing real time data. It can be upgraded easily whenever updates are available.

Attractive Gains

Both ERP and CRM are feature packed business solutions. But, the features and functionality list varies from version to vendors. Let us have a look how it benefits businesses.

Benefits Offered by CRM

  • Desired Sales
  • Convenient Use
  • Save Time and Money
  • Simplified Goal-Setting
  • Better Platform Support
  • Secured Software Solution
  • Satisfactory Customer Service

Benefits Offered by ERP

  • Scalability
  • Business Analytics
  • Better Supply Chain
  • Reduced Complexity
  • Affordable Operations
  • Improved Data Access
  • Regulatory Compliance

Final Words

CRM and ERP both are the solutions that are significant for flawless business performance. Let us check which software should your enterprise use?


CRM solution is used by enterprises seeking effective marketing strategies. They use and manage the customer data collected. Thus, companies that identify business opportunity in retaining their existing customers can avail its benefits and can also acquire new customers.

If you need cost effective software that integrates customer data with other system for profitable outcome, CRM is the solution all sized businesses should implement.


ERP solution is for the organizations, having coherent workflow that involves each and every department for seamless business functioning and quick completion of processes. They even track inter-departmental activities to ensure its effective completion.

If you are in search of a business solution offering operational efficiency with improved consistency and accuracy, ERP is the perfect software fulfilling your challenging requirements.

Be it CRM or ERP, every business needs additional software solution other than manual activities to perform business processes effectively. Consult us today for best-in-class software –as-a-service (SaaS) with flexible packages with an aim to make your business performance better.
31st July Updates

A month of consolidation and deep breathes… count for 8! 

  • Fixes to Memberships report PDF
  • Fixed up the pesky cursor change when hovering over the date picker
  • Ability to now change a Contact on a Transaction
  • Task reminders for xx days before due date
  • Forgotten password is now ‘Reset Password’… it’s the little things. 
  • Contact Profile Finances section 
  • Membership Reminder button - quick smart stuff! 
  • Allow embed and iframe for home page custom html content
  • Dashboard Calendar fixed
  • Set organisation currency on sign up
  • API Organisation emails allowed for 
  • API Transactions now include paid items… we like it when you get paid! 
  • API Finances updated and refreshed… so fresh! 
  • Mailchimp Linklab add-on has now been rolled out! 
  • Association Roles PDF fixed
  • Adding Users by email 

Thanks Ed Sheeran for the inspiration… Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes. It is the only thing that makes us feel alive.

Thanks for all of your love and feedback in continuing to make our platform an amazing place for organisations of all sizes and shapes!