critters 3

  • Laura: [What's inside?] It's teeth!
  • Taliesin: It's teeth? I hope it's teeth, 'cause then it can go in my teeth collection.
  • Travis: Taliesin...god...
  • Taliesin: What, man?
  • Travis: Listen...just SHARE. When you talk about...bring it WITH you. Keep talking about it and never get to see it--
  • Taliesin: [in a winsome, cheerful voice] I have it powdered, I put it in your drink every week.
  • Everyone else: [Fake gagging noises]
  • Taliesin: Slowly I'm getting inside of you. :)

Soooo I also made the Critters marathon. Movies from my childhood, of course only created because of the success of Gremlins. The Critters are not excellent, but entertaining, and there’s worst: Ghoulies. (Soon, there will be A Nightmare on Elm Street marathon and X-Men marathon).

The first one. Quite simple, a mix between scary scenes and funny scenes with the Critters destroying everything (and eating an ET toy haha). Not perfect, it’s a very slow horror movie, lot of things happened in the dark (before the DVD, I remember it was sometimes hard to understand everything on my old VHS), not very bloody, or terrifying, or funny, but the base of the saga is here, it’s short (80 minutes) and I love the theme.

Directed by Mick Garris and Written by David Twohy (Pitch Blach), this one is the best, way more funny scenes, more death, some bloody (but cool) deaths, and same as the first, it’s only a 80 minutes movie, so it’s fast. The Critters look more like Gremlins now (the scene of the restaurant), but it’s very entertaining, some nice ideas (the giant ball in the end).

Now the saga are DTV, direct to video. So very low budget, not a lot of set, not bloody scenes, only a few actors. Don Opper is still here as Charlie, as always, the movie takes place in a building, there’s not a lot of death, and more funny scenes. And we have a very young Leonardo DiCaprio in his first movie. Except that, it’s not really good, but still very short, some scenes are funny, and probably because I loved that movie when I was very young.

In space this time, because finally, every saga ends up in space (Hellraiser, Leprechaun, Jason X). Lot of people hate this movie, because it’s not funny at all, longer, boring, nothing happens, almost no death at all. I kinda like it for all those reasons. The directing is far from being perfect (yep, the director is the producer of the 3 first movies), but there is a strange atmosphere and I like it. The soundtrack is also very good, I like some of the actors (Brad Dourrif, Eric DaRe - Twin Peaks), special effects are good, even if there’s not a lot. Just too bad we almost didn’t see the Critters.