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ok so every time laura has a conversation with liam as vex/vax or makes happy noises or has a very vex reaction or chats with trinket, i look at taliesin and remember what he said about vex being his favourite character bc of her emotional and genuine reactions. he looks at her with such a spark in his eyes. 

and that’s how you chemistry. 


Okay, so

I feel like I have to share this Dungeons and Dragons session that I just had. I’m still laughing so god damn hard guys, and it’s been 20 minutes since it happened.

My character is a Wood Elf Rogue that was knocked unconscious by some sort of beasty. Now, one of the other characters is a Dragonborn Bard that actually ran over to save my life because it was totally in character for him. He and Jules (my character) have had a rocky relationship from the very first session due to generally crazy dice rolls and random circumstance. He’s basically half in love with her, and Jules is about as disinterested as it can get. She tries to be nice about it. She really, really does.

Now, the beast fell on me while I was down, so he tried to be helpful and pull the stupid thing off of me. The DM, grinning the whole damn time goes, 

“Yeah, go ahead and roll a dex on that.” 

He rolls a 5 and not only gets the beast off of Jules, but he gropes all up in her lady bits as he does it, seemingly unintentional. Jules, just waking up after the Cleric healed her, only feels Ga’resh’s Dragonborn hands all up in places that he has no business being.

I don’t know about other DnD games, but we also implement a sanity check. It comes in handy with backstories like mine and another girl’s, so I naturally have to roll a sanity to see how Jules would react to coming back to consciousness long enough to feel herself getting molested. 

I rolled a 3.

Jules stands up and yanks out her sunblade (hilt only because I didn’t activate it) and just cold clocks him across the face furiously. Right as I’m doing that with an attack bonus of 10, he shouts that he’s throwing a shield up.

No biggie, guys. I rolled a nat20 and basically curb-stomped his shield like no fucking big deal.

I slap that punk with 24 damage, effectively knocking him out, and I point my hilt threateningly at the other two guys and growl, “Don’t even think about it.”

The other guys naturally held their hands up and didn’t say anything.

From above the crevice, the other girl in the group shouts down, “What’s going on down there?” Apparently, me slapping the utter shit out of him with a hilt echoed, and she heard him hit the floor.

“Ga’resh is taking a nap.” I shouted back. 

Marika was smart enough not to ask more.

Ga’resh was revived and won’t look me in the eye now. Whoops.

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You've probably already heard, but the Star Wars prequels were garbage

You… think I’ve never seen them before? 

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I love reading through all the nice messages you all sent me yesterday, you’re all so sweet! Thanks again, it really helped.  

I’m doing pretty well considering - my parents happened to be in town so they kept me occupied yesterday.  Actually managed to sleep decently last night.  Going to watch happy movies and try to draw a bit today if I can :3

Just took Gustus to the vet for his annual vaccine - the vet adored him and he hid in my arms the entire time XD He is a very healthy bun.

Side note - any followers play Pokemon Sun/Moon and could help me out? I’m trying to complete my dex and I still need 

Goodra, Metagross, Flygon, Garchomp and Vanilluxe

Anyone willing to trade me any of those? I will trade right back I just need the dex entry.  Send me a message if you can!

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i love the way you drew clarke in the one with lexa and her raccoon themed pjs. seriously i like the fact that she isn't skinny, because eliza isn't.

Aw, I’m glad.  I have a similar body type to Eliza’s, so I like to draw hers as realistically as I can cos in some strange way it helps give me some confidence about mine :3