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Mauritius ornate day gecko (Phelsuma ornata)

Mauritius ornate day gecko is a diurnal species of geckos. It occurs on the island Mauritius and some surrounding islands and typically inhabits different trees and bushes. The Mauritius ornate day gecko feeds on insects and nectar. This Gecko is one of the smallest day geckos. It can reach a total length of about 12 cm. The body colour is quite variable. It can be bluish green, green with a blue area on the front back, or completely blue.

photo credits: S Molteno

Injured Rabbit (Draco x Slytherin!Metamorphmagi!Reader)

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Request: Could you write a Draco x metamorphmagus!reader? The reader loves animals so when she finds a injured animal she brings it to the slytherin common room to show Draco and have him help her take care of it. I hope that’s not a lot😅  

The information on Metamorphmagi might be inaccurate oh well

Also this is trash heh bye

You were a metamorphmagi (like Tonks).  Not an animagi.  Metamorphagus skills were not acquired through a series of events like animagi, they are inherited.  You got yours from your mother.  You could transform into any animal (full form or just partial), change your hair color as you please, and you had a strong love and passion for almost any animal.  Oh right, you were also a Slytherin, and a proud one at that.

You didn’t exactly have any friends in Slytherin, though.  However, Draco Malfoy took an interest in your love for anything furry or scaley.  Whenever you snuck down to the forest to observe the animals, Draco would sometimes follow you and watch you with curiosity.  He thought he had always gotten away clean without you noticing him, but you had the ears of a hawk (sometimes literally), and would always hear him behind you no matter how far.  But you didn’t find it creepy, you were glad someone had taken an interest in your skills.  You were far too used to being called a ‘freak’ by other Slytherins.  Draco was fascinated by the way you cared for even the smallest critter.

One day as it was nearing curfew and you were walking past the forest to go back to the Slytherin common room, you heard the whimpers of what had to be a small animal of some sort.  You frantically searched behind some large trees and soon found a tiny snow-white rabbit, a bite mark with blood seeping out on its side.

You knew you didn’t have time to heal it then and there, or else you would get in major trouble for being out after curfew, even more by the forest.  You also knew there was no way you were going to leave the poor thing to die.  So you carefully picked it up, being careful not to harm it any further, and you rushed back down to the Slytherin common room, successfully not getting caught.  You uttered the password and quickly walked into the room.

Everyone else had retreated to their beds for the night.  All except for Draco, who was sitting on the couch and immediately looked up when he heard you enter.  “Y/N?” he said confused when he saw you rush to your bag by a table.

“No time, Draco, I need you to help me with something,” you muttered as you grabbed a pillow from a chair and set it on the table, gently laying the rabbit on it.

Draco was quickly by your side.  “A rabbit?” he said as he watched you lay it down.

“Yes, and as you can clearly see it’s hurt.  Get that fizzy blue potion from my bag,” you instructed.

Draco opened your bag and sifted through the potion bottles, and soon found the blue potion with bubbles fizzing around inside.  He handed it to you, and you opened the bottle and gently poured a small amount on the rabbit’s wound.  It began to calm down, and stopped wiggling and whining.  Next, you whipped out your wand and held it over the bite mark and muttered a quick healing spell for animals, the bite closing shut.

“Draco, there should be a tiny purple blanket in my bag, can you get that?”

He nodded and knelt down to go through your bag again, pulling out the purple blanket and handing it to you.

“Thank you,” you said and wrapped up the sleeping rabbit in it, picking it up and cradling it to your chest and walking over to sit on the sofa.  “Hey, Draco,” you began.

“Yes?” he replied and sat next to you on the sofa.

You stroked the rabbit’s ears.  “Why were you the only one down here when I got back?  Normally you’re one of the first people to go to the dorms.”

Draco blushed.  Like.  He.  blushed.  “Oh… uh…. I guess I just wanted to make sure you were safe…?”

“Aw, the Malfoy boy does have feelings after all.  Also, I know you follow me to the woods sometimes.”

His eyes widened.  “H-how do you know that?”

“Ears of a hawk.  Metaphorically and literally.”

“Well then…”

“Here, pet the rabbit,” you said out of nowhere and held the rabbit out to him.

Draco wasn’t really used to animals, but held out a hand and lightly pet the rabbit’s floppy ears.  “It’s very cute.”

“Very,” you answered.  “We’ll return it to its home tomorrow, in the meantime…. I’m really tired.”  You set the rabbit on the spot next to you and transformed into a black cat.

Draco jumped a little, forgetting you could do that.  “Y/N, what on Earth are you doing???”

You ‘meowed’ and padded onto his lap, curling up.  Draco didn’t really know what to do, so he pet your furry body as you batted at his arm with your tail.  You purred and eventually fell asleep, Draco still petting you.

In the morning, a lot of people were confused as to why there was a cat on Draco’s lap and a rabbit wrapped in a blanket next to him.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

♡ Looking for Contacts! ♡

I figured now was a good a time as any to make this post! I’d been mulling over it for a while, and I’m getting tired of my own shyness and anxiety! I’m looking to spread my wings a little in the rp community and make a few new connections! I have a small roster of characters to offer, and I’m more than happy to rp with any of them!

I should preface this by saying I’m in Australia. My timezone can sometimes be a little bit wonky. I’m a full-time university student who works from home, so I can generally be quite flexible usually later in the week, but I’m always open for discord rp! 

I’m looking for just about anything. Dark plots, lighthearted stuff, a one-off run-in, anything at all! I don’t really have any hard limits when it comes to rp, and the few I do have seem to be shared amongst almost everyone. I do tend to be quite wordy when I post- I consider myself a multi-para writer, but I don’t ever expect my partners to match. Quality over quantity! (and I talk shit most of the time). Each of my bbies has a tumblr, and they are all linked. Feel free to message me here if you’d like to get something started, or on discord! My discord is Sunny#4558 ! I’m super nice! I swear! I’m just anxious all the time!!!!

Etani’a Sedi

Tani is a shroud-borne Keeper. He works as a courtesan for the Wanderer’s Elysium, and he frequently graces their stage with racy songs he’ll sing, dance, and often strip to. He’s extroverted, talkative, kind, vain, greedy, talented, and heedlessly generous.

He has a big heart, and initially; that’s hard to see. He has a difficult time letting down his defences (often, those consist of clouting his skills, or his looks - he’s aware he’s attractive), because what lies beneath is scarcely good for business. He’s an insecure wreck with anomic aphasia, a small drug problem, and a dark, bloody past. But, hey - he’s pretty good with healing magic!

Hooks: If you’re from the Shroud, the Keeper clan name ‘Sedi’ might be familiar. His clan were responsible for establishing communication between the Sylphs and the Wailers once upon a time. If you’re a frequent patron to the Keeper’s Kiss, you likely have heard his name – or seen him perform! If you’re part of Ul’dah’s underground, it’s possible you might come across him in your deals. If you’re a healer, he could come to you for help in finding therapy for his aphasia. If you’re a mercenary looking for work– there’s a thousand and one things I could throw your way. 

Mouse Vaegaji

and now for something completely different. Mouse is a certified member of the Black Lotus. He’s a rail-thin mix of Seeker and Keeper with nine fingers, and one eye. The company he keeps is generally odd, and equally as disarming as he. Mouse’s past is something he’ll generally withdraw from delving into, and ‘Mouse’ is almost certainly not his real name. 

A thief by trade, Mouse is playful, talkative, volatile, violent, obsessive, immature, impulsive, unpredictable, brash, kind, and above all; loyal to a fault. He adores shiny things, small animals, knives, and blood. He’s a simple dude with simple pleasures. Sure.

Hooks: You’ll know Mouse if you’ve had any dealings with the Black Lotus. He’s present in Limsa’s Fisherman’s Bottom more often than not, seeking food. He’s easily won over with small gifts and trinkets - and rarely asks for payment in gil. He’s a hired killer, who is particularly skilled at getting in and out of places unseen. A master of brewing lethal potions and pawning them for pretty gemstones in Ul’dah, Mouse is also rather good at gathering information he likely shouldn’t know. He’s even better at forgetting said information once he’s paid off adequately.

Vilde Eres

Vilde’sae is a traditional wood witch from the Shroud. He leads a simple life out of a small, moss-covered cabin in the forest, filled to the rafters with plants, and all matter of small critters. His day to day life generally consists of gathering herbs, caring for his plants, feeding his animals, and brewing a small plethora of questionable potions to later sell to his business contacts in Gridania.

Vilde is a softly-spoken man, and his presence - while calming - brings with it the sense that something is deeply wrong. Though his words often consist of confusing accolades, or strange anecdotes, his smiles are kind, and despite his disfigured appearance, his intentions seem well-placed. Still, if one might have any small amount of ability to sense aether, it would be quite clear there’s something amiss with Vilde. As if he is bewitched in some way.

Hooks: If you’re lost in the Shroud, he might be able to help you find your way. If you’re seeking wares in Gridania, it’s possible you might stumble across the strange witch in black, with potions in his satchel. If you’re a hired blade, he’d be able to pay you for your help. If you’re in need of healing, he could provide. If you seek consultation with spirits, he could serve as a medium. If you need voidsent banished, an area warded, or a ritual performed - he can help. But, there’s always a price to pay!

Arae Ejinn

Arae is a water witch from the Steppe. He’s never set foot in Eorzea, though he’s heard more than enough to wonder. He’s a deeply curious soul with anger issues, and a sincerely short fuse. It doesn’t take much to set him off. He’s introspective, eager to learn, creative, impulsive, reckless - and deeply, deeply fond of the land around him, and the creatures that inhabit it. He’s traditional in his ways and his beliefs, and impossibly naive despite his age.

For the majority of his life, Arae worked for a small Doman syndicate that used him to move their goods inconspicuously through the waterways and rivers between small villages where the Empire didn’t patrol. His freedom is new, and novel – and he’s still deeply bitter at the hand he’s been dealt.

Hooks: If you live in the Steppe, it’s likely you’ll stumble across him. He’s nomadic, and solitary - but always offering his abilities as a healer in return for pay. If you’re also an Ejinn, it’s likely you might know him, or come across him in your travels. If you have an animal who needs healing, he could help you. If you’re sick with any manner of fever or cold, he could offer his abilities and therapies in turn. If you’re part of the Kugane underground, he might be familiar to you, but he likely won’t be happy to see you. I’m happy to play in other characters as members of his old syndicate, too!

The Slide-Rock Bolter is a fearsome critter that is said to live in the mountains of Colorado. However, the creature was quite picky with where it lived and preferred mountains with a 45 degree angle or steeper. Its tail was said to have grasping hooks on the two ends of the divided flipper. “It has an immense head, with small eyes, and a mouth somewhat on the order of a sculpin, running back beyond its ears.” This fearsome critter stays motionless for days as it watches the terrain below for tourists that happen upon the area. When it happens to spot a good target, the beast will lift its tail and unlatch itself from the mountain. Grease falls from its mouth like drool to speed it up going down the mountain to gulp down its prey. It scoops up the prey and continues to another slope, where it latches its tail once more and waits for its next victims. The Slide-Rock Bolter’s body is reportedly so big and powerful, it knocks down trees as it slides.

Sithmas Countdown 2016 - Day 6: Thrawn + gingerbread house

It’s time again for the kitschy festive thing where I do daily star wars characters + winter stuff! More here! Join in and tag your work as #sithmas.

Thrawn and three of his ysalamiri - Admiral Snoots, Chubby and Ginger.