This one wouldn’t let me go until I got it out. It hit me as soon as episode 114 ended, and I’ve worked on it in bits and pieces since. I wish I had the time to make it true to what’s in my head, but other projects demand my attention. A lot of artists have been doing fan art of that episode, which is a testament to how powerful it was as a whole.

But this part was what hit me hardest. I took a lot of liberties with combining IC and OOC stuff with my own personal take on it, but I hope it comes across as at least a fraction of how the moment hit me. These characters are amazing and I will deeply miss them, but it’s the players and GM that make everything special. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead, both the bitter and the sweet.

Oh, and as a note, I don’t ship Vax and Scanlan, though if you do that’s cool. But one thing I love about Vox Machina is the open, raw love they have for one another, both platonic and romantic, that makes them family. Their expressions of that (and especially the players’ affection outside the game) reflect something we all need more of, and I think that’s part of what makes it all so compelling. <3

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

Between work and reorganizing commissions trying to make more fresh portfolio works as well featuring what currently gives the most inspiration and concepts which are a lot more close to my original likes and ‘artistic preference’

A lot of my recent commissions/job related works pulled me far from my passion of monsters/creatures/critters and while all given me perfect chance to develop and improve as an artist, out of their comfort zone I missed this a lot. This one was inspired by Nukekubi from my FR lair which was always good source of inspiration. 


If you liked my purple and white dragon with toebeans, then you’ll love this Faerie dragon with its TWO-TONED TOEBEANS!

I love this colour combination so much! It looks fiery and Halloween-ey all at the same time!

This dragon and others available in my Etsy shop here:

Finished just in time for Anime Weekend Atlanta. I’ve been working very slowly as a labor of love on this since early summer, before the Tarot deck was announced. The official deck is beautiful, but I decided to go ahead and finish this because I already had the composition, and because, to me, Vex fits the Sun more than any other character. 

If you’re at AWA, come see me at booth 914 in Artist Alley!


australia It must be exhausting being this cute! This is Alfie the wallaroo, filmed here goofing around with his fellow #wallaroo and #pademelonbuddies at @featherdalewildlifepark in @sydney. Alfie loves meeting visitors to the park and because he’s been hand-raised and is super chilled around people, he’s one of a few resident critters here who offer special exclusive cuddle sessions. Tip: He’s rather partial to a good belly rub, if you want to get in his good books! #wildlife

Critter Query

Hey guys. a Critter here. I’ve been poking around on the various social media sites, looking at comments and things about Ep 88. And I’ve found some things that are, well …. they’re not us.

Something happened to our fandom last night. Something I am worried about. We lost our #NicestFandom sticker. And I mean this is beyond mean Twitch chat blather (we all know Twitch chat is ridiculous and to stay away if you want to retain your sanity and love of the game). Here, I’ll give an example.

this is a screenshot taken from the reddit page:

Yes, that’s actually Matt, and he’s doing something he shouldn’t have to: he’s having to pull his DM tone on the Critters to defend Marisha. And I don’t mean explaining a rule bend or excusing an ability botch. People, people in the Critter Community, are flat out saying Marisha was basically drunk and she should stop drinking. Personally, I’ve never seen Matt bite back like this, and that scares me. He shouldn’t have felt like he had to at all. I know Marisha/Keyleth gets a lot of negative backlash, even hate, but it should have never gotten to this kind of level.

Beside the fact that Matt said from the get-go that it was a long week and that he and Marisha were both tired already, it wasn’t just them. And I don’t think it was just the episode either (as a doozy as it was). Everyone looked so exhausted. People were grumpy. Enthusiasm for even good things was almost nonexistent. 

I guess I’m laying all this out to say … I for one think maybe our beloved players and our amazing DM should maybe take some time off from Critical Role. I feel like they might have reached a point where they need a break, without it meaning that they’re going to be at a con or doing something. Just a break, a breather. It’s been go go go for months know, all stress and plots and do-or-die, all-or-nothing, everything-on-the-line action and battles.
Our DM is tired.
Our players are tired.
Our fandom is tired.
I think we might need a week off for a nap or something.

I’m wondering what the fandom at large would think of this. I’m also wondering, if there was a positive/agreeing feedback, if we could let them know and maybe they could get a real breather (cause I don’t think that ep was what any of us thought was going to happen)

How about it, Critters? Would we be willing to give our players a rest without fussing, if they decided they wanted/needed it?


A few solo shots of me in my Percy de Rolo cosplay, thank you so much @greywardensunny!

Clothing by my partner, @crowtoed, breastplate design concept by @alienfirst, leather work and such by me. (The flintlock is store-bought, we will be changing that in the future!)

Bonus pic at the end: Percy rolling a critical failure on crafting, gun handling, and armor-wearing, ha ha.